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Quooker: an exciting choice for your kitchen!

Quooker taps are a kitchen must have! Immediately dispensing 100°C boiling water, eliminating the need for a kettle, it’s not hard to understand why every kitchen should have one. You can choose between a separate boiling water tap with accompanying mixer tap, or the Quooker Flex or Fusion tap, which is a single tap for hot, cold and boiling water. Quooker taps are ultra-safe, super-efficient and available in eight tap designs and three finishes. Until now! Quooker have added a Fusion Black, Fusion Gold and Nickel classic taps to their tap range!

If you were wondering if Quooker taps are wasteful or not, you can think again on this one. The patented high-vacuum insulation ensures that Quooker’s standby usage is just 3 pence per day. How efficient is that?! Friendlier on the old pocket in comparison to heating up a kettle every time you want boiling water as well!

So, back to the new colour finishes… let’s start with the Fusion black.

If you want to add strength and power to your kitchen then the Fusion Black is the perfect choice. Add a little excitement, elegance and high-class to your kitchen décor with Quooker’s first 100°C black boiling water tap. The Fusion black has all the same advantages as the familiar Quooker taps. Delivering water at a true 100°C which saves time, energy, water and money. Featuring the childproof double push and turn handle, insulated spout and fine aerated spray ensures no risk of scalding or burning, so it is ideal for little wandering hands (should they be able to reach anyway!). Much like the other Quooker taps, the boiling water control is entirely separate from the standard hot and cold. The Fusion black is also available with the new cold water filter option too for that extra element.

Quooker Fusion Black taps
Fusion Black Range

Fusion Gold
The stunning Fusion Gold is like no other gold tap! It’s something of real beauty. Robust, elegant and exotic all at the same time, you will certainly add an element of class to your kitchen with this tap. The golden boiling water tap brings you instant boiling water, making it ideal for boiling veggies, pasta and most importantly brewing your favourite cup of tea or coffee! Perfect for when you need your morning caffeine fix within seconds of waking up.

‘All that glitters is gold, but don’t be fooled; the glittering gold layer hides some ingenious technology’ –

Loved that statement, anything about glitter, or gold! Anyway, adding some warm glamour to your home, this gold tap represents power, celebration and victory and will look fantastic with any kitchen décor, it goes with absolutely everything! Available in both the Fusion Square and Fusion Round, as a mixer tap with a sleek square or decorative round spout, your choice. The Fusion Gold also has a matching soap dispenser too, so if you really feel like pushing out all the stops, giving your friends real tap envy, this is the way to go… GOLD!

Quooker Fusion Gold Taps
Fusion Gold Range

Classic Range Nickel
Quooker’s Classic range has been so successful they’ve now introduced a nickel finish. Their Classic Range offers all the same advantages as the familiar Quooker taps, naturally. The timeless classic design looks beautiful in any home regardless of what finish you choose for your kitchen. The Nickel does however look incredibly nice, so definitely worth considering over Chrome or Stainless Steel, something a little different to the normal choices. Delivering 100°C boiling water, saving time, energy, water and money. Ultra-safe, ultra-efficient as I mentioned with the Fusion Black, the aerated spray is designed to avoid any scalding or burning, this applies to all Quooker’s boiling water taps across the board. Much like the childproof double push and turn handle and insulated spout. Designed with families in mind.

Available in the Classic Fusion Round, Classic Fusion Square, Classic Nordic Round single tap and Classic Nordic Square single tap, you are sure to find your perfect classic fit. This range also comes with an optional cold water filter.

Quooker Classic Nickel Taps
Classic Range Nickel

If you don’t fancy any of the new finishes, Quooker have other options too such as Polished Chrome, Brushed Chrome and Stainless Steel depending on which tap design you go for. If you want to know more about boiling water taps, tanks and accessories please visit our ‘Instant boiling water taps’ blog here.

Alternatively, for more information on all Quooker boiling water taps and accessories please don’t hesitate to call a member of our sales team. They are always happy to help 🙂 0115 965 1937

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