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LG Laundry Features Explained…

Whether you are clued up on the wonderful world of LG laundry or not, you perhaps don’t know too much about their fantastic features. We see words like Centum, 6 Motion Direct Drive and Inverter motor on descriptions and advertising, but don’t necessarily know the true meaning of them or how they work. So let’s take a look at the features and break down their meaning…

Inverter Motors

LG laundry offers either 10-year Inverter Motor warranty or 20-year Inverter Motor warranty depending on the model and its features. But what is an Inverter Motor? LG’s innovative Inverter Motor technology eliminates the need for belts or pulley’s making it a belt-less motor. This makes each machine extremely durable and quieter with lower vibrations. The reliability of the belt-less motor enables LG’s confidence in providing long lasting warranties.

Centum System

This brings us on to the Centum System. This is a state of the art technology that minimises noise and vibrations using a damping system, dual ball balancer, vibration sensor and vibration insulator. The damping system minimises the distribution of vibration through the implementation of a fixed tub. The dual ball balancer balances out uneven loads to reduce vibration. The vibration sensor optimises the spin speed by sensing the vibration between the drum and the motor. And finally, the vibration insulator prevents vibration generated inside the drum to the entire system and tub. The LG Signature LSF100 washing machine uses the Centum System and is packed with functions and features designed to make light work of laundry day.

6 Motion Direct Drive

LG’s 6 Motion Direct Drive technology is designed for different wash cycles to ensure the ultimate care for your clothes. The 6 Motion Direct Drive moves the washing machine drum in different directions, based on your selected wash program. The Six types of motion are used to suit the type of cycle you require. For powerful, intense washes, the motions of stepping, scrubbing and filtration are used to thoroughly penetrate your laundry. If you require a gentle wash for delicate items, rolling, tumbling and swinging motions are used. LG also  use controlled spin speed and left and right drum rotation using Inverter Direct Drive technology. They team up to produce a better wash performance for your clothes, letting you wash with a variety of fabrics with minimal fabric damage.

Other Great Features…

Some LG models include TurboWash. This trims down the time of a regular wash program down to an impressive 49minutes, reducing water and energy by up to 17%. Your clothes get clean faster while you save on your utility bills. Win, win if you ask me!

We often get asked about the difference between LG Steam models and TrueSteam models. The difference is simple! With Steam models, this can only be used on selected wash programs specifically designed for steam such as allergy care and baby care. Whereas TrueSteam models allows you to use the steam function across multiple wash programs. You can add TrueSteam to your favourite wash cycles with a simple touch.

LG’s Smart ThinQ with Wi-Fi connectivity makes laundry so much more convenient. The Smart Remote Control enables you to do your laundry anytime, no matter where you are. With Cycle Download (as I mention above) you can download up to 20 wash programs that update annually. Smart Diagnosis helps you quickly troubleshoot almost any minor issue before it becomes a bigger problem. Simple and hassle free.

With so much to love about LG laundry, now is the perfect time to get your hands on it! With FREE five year parts and labour warranty on selected models you’d be mad to miss out!

If you want to shop around for laundry appliances, you’ll find a wide range of washing machines, tumble dryers and washer dryers on our website. We also have outstanding lines of cooking appliances, refrigerators, including our American-Style fridge freezers as well as small appliances that make your life easier. For more information on LG laundry or any of LG’s appliances, please don’t hesitate to give a member of our sales team a call. They are always happy to help 🙂 0115 965 1937.

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