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Can Coffee Make You More Productive?

Coffee can, and does, make us more productive, however, the answer isn’t as simple as our amped up productivity coming from the caffeine content.

Caffeine increases productivity, but there’s a lot of factors that go into this, such as, the time of day that we drink coffee, the amount in which we consume and how strong the coffee is. After extensive research, we found that a strong coffee gets you up and about and reading for the day, however, has an adverse effect when it comes to productivity; being too wired may get your creative juices flowing but it also results in you not being able to concentrate.

Coffee in the workplace has been known to not only promote and improve productivity, but the type of coffee also has a positive effect within a working environment. Providing your staff with a high-quality coffee machine and a supply of coffee beans is an excellent perk in the workplace and your employees will appreciate the gesture of quality coffee, resulting in higher productivity.

Although coffee, drank in the right amount, can help you focus and improve your mood, the drink itself isn’t always what boosts people’s morale. The whole idea of coffee is enough to give the workplace, and your home environment, the push it needs to achieve great productivity.

Here, at Appliance City, we decided to look into the science behind coffee and caffeine to see what really happens to our bodies once we’ve indulged in a great brew. We have listed our results in the infographic below.

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