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What Adds the Most Value to a House

white kitchen cupboards, with stainless steel appliances in an L shape with a counter on the right

Home improvement is an exercise in personal preference especially when it comes to adding value to a house. Renovating your kitchen is an effective way to improve your home’s value. In order to have a more preferable home, you must first determine what your goals are and whether they’re monetary or not. For example: if someone wants their house’s value increased for the purpose of reselling it down the line at a higher profit margin, that person should consider renovating rooms with high visibility like kitchens. People care about the more functional rooms like bathrooms than the bedrooms due to their utilitarian design.

If you’re looking to climb the property ladder, then implementing these improvements will help increase the monetary value of your home. It is important to be cost-effective in your efforts, and so understanding which one is best suited in your area is imperative. 

  • New kitchen
  • Open plan living
  • Loft conversion
  • Livable garage space
  • New bathroom
  • Conservatory extended living space
  • Garden appeal

Adding personal value to your house can be in an effort to increase your wellbeing and overall comfort within your house. Many efforts can be made to increase your house’s value depending on what you lack and what you desire. For most, more space is always ideal, and implementing new extensions in the forms of loft and garage conversions can add a mass amount of livable space. Attentions to conservatories can also allow you to better utilise your space, especially if your garden space is vast, or can be better used.

It is also important to consider where we spend our most critical time in our homes. New kitchens can be used to improve upon old appliances, countertops, and cupboards that are worse-for-wear. For some, kitchens are also used as social spaces, not just cooking areas. We spend a lot of our time in the kitchen for many reasons, so spending time and money here is always best utilised.

How can I improve my old kitchen?

There are probably many areas of your kitchen that you haven’t given a second glance. Installing a fitted kitchen may not be ideal for most home design enthusiasts, but there are steps you can take to improve your current situation. These aspects of your old kitchen units can all be improved upon without changing the foundations of the room. 

Hardware (drawer and cupboard handles)

Replacing old handles and knobs on drawers and cupboards with good quality and fashionable furnishings can provide an added sense of modernity and style to your old kitchen. The installation of these features requires minimal expertise and can be easily achieved.

Switch out taps

You don’t need to be a professional plumber to replace any existing taps in the kitchen. You may find that they’re coming loose already, so a quick screw-on screw-off tactic can be used to provide a fresh clean look to the kitchen.

Replace old switch plates

A lot of white furnishings yellow over time, especially in the kitchen’s cooking environment. Again, you don’t need to be a professional to switch these over, and can really add to the clean feel of the kitchen.

How can I improve my kitchen cheaply?

You don’t need to spend big to make major improvements to your kitchen. Kitchen appliances are critical and expensive, but these don’t need to be replaced to elicit the feel of a new kitchen.

Change the lighting

There are many options out there when it comes to lighting. You might look at fitted kitchens in fancy showrooms and notice the effect lighting has on the room. You might have a standard lampshade that doesn’t add any character to your kitchen. Picking up a modern light fixture can complement any hardware already existing, and can create a new style that your decor lacked before at a low cost.

Add a rug

No matter the size of your kitchen, there are rugs to fit. If you have cold laminate floors that are expensive to replace, furnishing your kitchen with a complementing rug can add colour and style on a budget. Other small decorative features can include fashionable tea towels and oven gloves. While these are generally on show most of the time, fancy clothware can spice up your kitchen whilst keeping costs down. 

More storage space

There are many solutions to improve your kitchen without high costs. Drawer and shelf organizers give you better management of your cutlery and crockery, which can provide a more effective method of storing these items in an efficient manner. Wire shelves are also cheap yet easy to fit into any open wall spaces that might be present in order to save cupboard space for other things such as food or even cooking utensils like pots and pans; if done correctly it adds an interesting flair with its hanging appearance from those available rooms too.


Do not be hesitant to hang any artwork in the kitchen. Cheap prints can be acquired online that will complement and accentuate what is already there, making for a lively space you’ll enjoy being in.

How do you modernise a small kitchen?

With ultra-modern decor constantly evolving, the boundaries of “modern” interior design are endless. No matter the size of your kitchen, there is a range of appliances and furnishings that can be used to achieve modernity. 

Brighter colours

Applying a fresh lick of paint will do any kitchen the world of good, but specifically for smaller kitchens. Lighter colours produce the element of space and should be utilised within the smaller, somewhat cramped environment. 

Modern kitchen appliances

The reflectivity of stainless steel appliances also aligns with the spacious appeal. There are smaller models of most appliances that can provide more space to a smaller kitchen without losing any critical functionality. Having functional appliances on show on the worktop also boasts the modern feel. Modern coffee machines and other small appliances are designed to look sleek and fashionable, and should not be hidden when it comes to modernity.

Bosch KUL15AFF0G Serie 6 Integrated Built Under Fridge With Ice Box – £461.00

Bosch SPS4HMW53G 45cm Serie 4 Freestanding Dishwasher – White – £525.00


Sleek frames and open shelving boast the modern industrial style. Keeping countertops clear of clutter and only showing critical appliances is key to keeping with the modern style. The worktop should be utilised for preparation and cooking areas, rather than areas for decoration.

If you have a kitchen that you are unhappy with, what would be the best way to improve it? There’s no one solution for everyone. You can go with new appliances and cabinets or layout changes so that your cooking space is more functional. There are many options out there to help make different kitchens feel like home. The most important thing is not how much money you spend but whether or not the improvements add value in terms of quality of life at home. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out our range of kitchen appliances here on our website.

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