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How to Organise Your Kitchen this Christmas

Organising your kitchen for Christmas day can be a difficult task. It’s a struggle to know where to start, and what to prioritise. But this year it’s going to be different. You’re going to get organised, get ahead of the dreaded Christmas rush and organise your kitchen to the high heavens. Follow our easy to read guide on how to get your kitchen organised for Christmas day.

Declutter & clean the counters

The kitchen counter can collect a lot of unnecessary bits and bobs, especially over Christmas. Keys, junk letters, utensils, coffee mugs, there’s tonnes of stuff that just gets in the way! Make the most of your turkey prepping space with a good de-clutter.

Remove everything you possibly can off the kitchen counters. Wipe the sides down with your chosen cleaner. Look at all the stuff you took off sides and think to yourself, do I truly need this on display? Do I need it out over Christmas?

If you can get rid of it (donate or recycle of course), do. It’s time to make space for the Christmas cooking madness!

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If you really don’t want to part with certain items, an innovative way to store them is getting creative with wall space. Hang up some wall shelves to keep any extra kitchen bits not out of sight, but looking better. You can do this with pots and pans, utensils, plants and much more.

Prepare a cleaning caddy

This may seem like a non-organisational trick. But this “hack” really does save you time over the Christmas period. Create your own cleaning caddy to make spills and clean-ups seriously easy.

Get your cleaning supplies such as polish, bleach, anti-bac spray, sponges and cloths. Put them all together in a caddy or bucket. Then when the inevitable spill does happen, you don’t need to rummage around for cleaning products.

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Organise the cupboards & pantry

Organising your cupboards is essential! The pantry (if you have one), cupboards and drawers all need a good de-clutter before Christmas. Having your most needed supplies and utensils within easy reach really will make Christmas dinner an easy task.

Stack your pots and pans within each other to make space. You could do this with your Tupperware too. Dedicate a shelf to all your hosting essentials, such as party platters and sauce pots.

Spice racks and lazy susans are a great way to make those smaller, more essential Christmas day sauces a lot more accessible.  

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Empty, clean & stock up the fridge

Now’s the time to remove the old jars of jam and olives, and make way for the Christmas shop motherlode! Remove all the contents from your fridge (into a cooler bag if needed), and throw away any out-of-date or unneeded items. Give the interior a good clean with a cloth and soapy water. Put all your necessary food back, so now you can see exactly how much space you’re working with!

Make sure to order your fridge so everything’s in the right place. You can use a lazy susan in the fridge for condiments, or you could get some clear plastic boxes to neatly organise all of your groceries.

Fridge freezer not big enough? Why not invest in a bigger American Style Fridge Freezer to keep all your Christmas groceries fresher for longer.

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Deep clean the appliances

Appliances are your trusty assistants over the Christmas period. Tasty buffets and chilled drinks wouldn’t be there without your never-failing appliances. Give them some love back and deep clean them before the festive rush.

Put the dishwasher and washing machine on a self-clean wash. Give the hob and the microwave a much needed wipe down. Prepare your oven for the ever-important turkey by giving it a good deep clean. And they’ll all be ready and rearing to go for the most wonderful time of the year!

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Get decorating and create a nice atmosphere

Although a lot of us ignore the kitchen when it comes with Christmas decorations, giving the kitchen a few little ornaments really does spread the Christmas cheer throughout the whole house.

Add some Christmas tea towels, a few wreaths, or even some window decorations to give the kitchen a touch of happiness. Not only will it add some Christmas cheer to your life when your cooking, but it will do the same for your guests.

Make sure to secure the decorations tightly and keep them away from handles or entry points. This will prevent any hazards or accidents.

Source: ItAllStartedWithPaint

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A fridge dedicated to Christmas drinks…

It’s a known fact that drinks take up the most space at Christmas time. Whether its wine, bubbly or just soft drinks, those big bottles do know how to take up precious space. So why not make it easier and get a dedicated fridge for them?

A wine fridge lets you control the temperature of your wine and champagne down to the degree. Whilst an under-counter or mini fridge gives you plenty of space for entertainment drinks and snacks!

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Make clean up a breeze with an integrated dishwasher

Another thing that makes you feel disorganized at Christmas is the sheer amount of dirty dishes. They can’t be hidden anywhere and they take up space for any post-dinner drinks or food making.

An integrated dishwasher hides and cleans the dirty dishes for you, so you don’t have to worry about the mess. You can go away and relax on Christmas day, rather than breaking your back doing the washing up.

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Getting your kitchen organised before the Christmas period is key to making Christmas 2021 one to remember. De-clutter the countertops, organise the cupboards, prep your appliances and get all the mess out of the way, ready for Christmas day.

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