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Samsung’s Greatest Ever Cashback – the gift that gives back!

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Samsung have decided to end 2021 with a bang. They’ve released their latest cashback promotion running from 01/12/2021 – 24/12/2021, and it’s their best yet! So many of their products are in this promotion, everything from phones to fridges, vacuum cleaners to soundbars. And the more products you buy, the better the cashback you can claim!

If you’ve been looking out for a particular Samsung product, like a soundbar or a washing machine, now’s a great time to buy. You can get £200 cashback on the soundbar, £100 cashback on the washing machine and then an extra £50 because you bought them both together.

And then it keeps going up. The more products you buy in the promotion together, the more cashback you can claim. Buy 5 of the selected appliances together and get an extra £200 on top of your original cashback.

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3

When you buy all these products together, you can claim £400 cashback and get an extra £100 on top!

It works across retailers too. So if there’s something you can’t find on our website, like a phone or laptop, you can get it from another retailer and still claim cashback alongside other appliances too.  

So if you really want to go all out, you can get a TV, soundbar, fridge freezer, a turbo jet vacuum and a phone, and you can get a whopping £800 cashback!

If you’re planning on gifting someone a phone for Christmas, or if you’re buying a new fridge ahead of the big Christmas shop, Samsung have made it really easy to choose their products above anyone else. And with our multibuy option available for discounts across bulk orders, it’s super easy to choose Appliance City too!

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