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Our Top Energy Efficient Washing Machines

Top 5 Energy Efficient Washing Machines

If you’re looking to save on your energy bills and help the planet, investing in an energy efficient washing machine could be your best step forward. It’s not just the initial cost of the washing machine that will impact your bank balance, it’s the annual energy consumption that will add to the overall cost too.

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A washing machine uses electricity to heat water and turn the drum every time you use it. It may not seem significant, but for larger families it can really add up. If you’re doing several loads a week and using higher temperatures for child shaped stubborn stains, your electricity bill could be significantly higher and carbon footprint much larger.

Generally a washing machine will add about £35 to your annual energy costs. An energy efficient washing machine will cost you around £15-£20 per year to run. Although it may seem like a measly £15, that negligible difference will certainly reduce your energy bills and lower your carbon footprint.

Choosing a new washing machine with lower running costs could really benefit you over the coming years. Energy efficiency ratings are only getting better and the world is slowly, but surely, turning to a more eco-friendly place. And the kitchen, or laundry room, is a great place to start making changes.

How washing machines compare on efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Washing machine energy efficiency has improved in recent years, but some washing machines remain more energy efficient than others. All appliances, including washing machines, are awarded an official EU energy efficiency rating. The ratings span from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient), and so you can use these ratings to help you find the machines that are cheapest to run.

The efficiency of washing machines has improved rapidly in recent years. It used to be that most washing machines on sale were at the top end of the scale, scoring at ‘Beyond A’ ratings such as A+, A++ and A+++. But since the change in energy efficiency ratings recently, these Beyond A machines are now rated lower at B or C. Now, don’t let that put you off. They’re still as efficient as before, it’s just that the efficiency of appliances in general is much higher.

The EU energy labelling scheme can help you choose a greener washing machine, but be aware that its washing machine labelling test is based on a 60ºC cotton cycle. Because of this, you may find the energy label ratings on washing machines don’t quite match your usage.

Water Efficiency

The average washing machine uses 9.5 litres of water for every kilogram of cotton clothes it washes. Water usage does vary between models though, ranging from an 8kg machine that can use just 5.5 litres of water per kilogram to a 6kg washer that consumes 22.7 litres of water per kilogram.

While the better performing washing machines use 44 litres of water at maximum capacity, the less water efficient models – with a smaller capacity – can use up to 136.2 litres.

To put those figures into perspective, if you always washed at max capacity and did the average three 40ºC cotton washes a week for a year, the good machine would save you 4,203 litres less water – more than 52 baths of water!

Washing machine efficiency tips

  • Wash a full load: 40ºC cotton washes are designed to take a full drum’s worth of laundry, so always try to wash the maximum amount in each load to get the most value from the water and energy you’re using.
  • Avoid using extra rinse: If you have very sensitive skin, you may find it necessary to use the extra-rinse function on your washing machine to remove more detergent from laundered clothes. Try not to use this function unless it’s absolutely necessary, though as its another water waster. Using a non-bio detergent designed for sensitive skin is a better way to go.
  • Switch to 30ºC: Washing at 30ºC instead of 40ºC can save you around £9 a year. Good quality laundry detergents designed for low temperatures during a 30ºC programme are good, and help use an average of 40% less electricity per wash.
  • Wash at night: Some energy providers have different tariffs at different times. Check with your energy provider and if it’s cheaper at night, set the wash to delay and easily save yourself some pennies.

Our Top Energy Efficient Washing Machines 2021

Here’s a quick list of them all, just in case you’ve not got time to scroll down and read the whole thing:

Fisher Paykel WM1490F1 9kg Freestanding Washing Machine 1400rpm – WHITE

This one from Fisher & Paykel is A+++ rated, so you’re sure to be getting a great washing machine that saves you money and saves the planet. It’s got thirteen washing cycles, including Eco and Super Quick (but not together, unfortunately!), so in every situation you have a cycle to counteract dirty clothes.

It’s annual energy consumption is 150kWh per annum, which is nice and low. It also uses 42L of water per cycle, so you’ll be saving a lot of water compared to the model you’ve got now. And it’s easy on the ears too, it has a minimal 48dB rating and an approved Quiet Mark. No more turning up the TV to drown out the noise of the washer!

Fisher & Paykel create their appliances with you in mind, giving you a sleek appearance and advanced features. This washing machine has luxury features like the AddWash Door, SmartDrive technology and even an interior light so you can actually see all your laundry when the wash is done. Find out more about this model here.

Haier HW80-B14979S 8kg I-Pro Series 7 Freestanding Washing Machine 1400rpm – GRAPHITE

We’re now into the A label washing machines. This Haier machine is a great slim line machine; it’s got an eye catching design as well as reducing the amount you spend on your energy bill. It uses only 2 litres more water per cycle than the above Fisher & Paykel model, and has an incredibly similar low noise emissions (69dB whilst spinning).

There’s so much to talk about with this model! It has AutoWeight that determines the water consumption and cycle duration according to the size of the load. It’s incredibly hygienic with the ABT (Anti Bacterial Treatment) and Dual Spray cleaning. There’s a Steam Cycle, which relieves the stress of ironing and is a great stain remover cycle. And there’s more!

The interior drum has a “pillow” style interior, so your delicates don’t get eaten by the metal design. There’s also a simple Refresh function, which removes allergens and reduces wrinkles with no water in just a matter of 20 minutes. As far as washing machines go, this one is great for couples and small families alike!

LG F4V909BTSE 9kg Steam Washing Machine 1400rpm – BLACK STEEL

We like to say it a lot, but LG make some of the best washing machines on the market. Whether you’re buying your first washing machine or getting one for your ever-growing large family, they’ve got a model perfect for you.

This one in Black Steel used to be rated A+++ before the energy rating changes, now it’s at a solid A. It’s got a great variation of cycles, including Speed 14 (a very short cycle), mixed load and silent. Then there’s your own downloadable cycles. Through LG’s Wi-Fi enabled app, SmartThinq, you can download true busy-person cycles such as Baby Wear, School Uniform and Gym Clothes to make your life extra easy.

SmartThinq can also diagnose any problems with the washing machine and relay that easily to the LG Customer Care team. So if (a big if!) you have any issues with this washer, there’s no faffing around with pictures and waiting years to know what’s wrong with your washer. LG really did Thinq ahead with this one!

LG FH4G1BCS2 12kg Direct Drive TrueSteam Washing Machine 1400rpm – WHITE

We told you LG were good! This one has a great energy rating and has been awarded a Which Best Buy 2020, so you know its reliable. And with a long list of five star reviews to back it up, this washing machine is sure to be a fantastic buy for people who’ve got a busy laundry day.

The TurboWash feature saves you time and energy. This special cycle reduces water and energy use by up to 17% through the innovative Jet Spray and Filtration drum. It trims the time down of any cycle to just 49 minutes. That’s great if you need to get through large loads of laundry at a fast pace!

We included this model as it’s great for families as well as an all round decent washing machine. A 12KG capacity is great for large and medium sized households. It’s got an easy-to-use digital control panel, plus a child lock so it’s not so easy for your kids to use it! LG know how sensitive kids can be, so they’ve included TrueSteam technology which keeps your clothes hygienic and soft for as long as possible.

Miele WSD323 8kg W1 PowerWash Washing Machine 1400rpm – WHITE

Miele are a great pick for reliable machines. They’ve been supplying German-grade reliable machines for years and years; across the board they’ve got really low energy consumption and water usage. This machine knows how to cost-effectively wash clothes, using just the right amount of detergent and the right amount of water to create gleaming clean clothes.

PowerWash is the main feature of this washing machine and is what gives it such low energy consumption, even on small loads. The Spin & Spray arms work hard to clean your clothes economically, spraying the water during the spin cycle to save precious time and energy.

You know you’ll get a good washing machine with Miele. Their products are tested for the equivalent of 20 years use, proving just how durable and reliable they are in comparison to other models. To add to it, their appliances are significantly easier to recycle compared to the rest of the industry. Smort.

Bosch WAX28EH1GB 10kg Serie 8 Washing Machine 1400rpm – WHITE

Another one of our large capacity washing machines with low energy costs! Bosch are known for their innovation in appliances, and they haven’t disappointed with this delightful Serie 8 Washing Machine. It’s got a nice high energy rating of B, with a consumption indicator that tells you just how much energy and water you’ve been using.

The 4D wash system is designed to give you extra efficient washing. This feature rotates the drum at a higher speed, creating a hollow space for the water and detergents to be sprayed into. This way, the load gets soaked more evenly, leaving your clothes cleaner in a shorter amount of time.

It’ll save you detergent and fabric softener too. i-DOs measures your liquids precisely, so your clothes don’t age too quickly with unnecessary exposure to detergents. It’s smart too, with connectivity to Bosch’s app HomeConnect. The app will do all sorts of things, including letting you know when it needs to use the self clean setting!

Siemens WM14VMH4GB 9kg IQ-500 Washing Machine 1400rpm – WHITE

A brilliant machine that continues to impress us, this A Rated Washing Machine from Siemens is great for your clothes and the environment. The WaterPerfect Plus system manages your water to the litre. It’ll use the exact amount of water needed for the clothes in the drum, so you don’t have to worry about additional water waste throughout the lifetime of your washer.

It has a great 14 spin programmes to choose from, including Super 15 and Super 30. They know that you can’t always be waiting around for the longest wash of the century to get your clothes clean. And Siemens have included other you-orientated features that make your life easier, such as the Reload option, the Easy Iron option and Remote control from their app Home Connect.

Then there’s the Stain Removal system, which includes 4 specific stains that you can target. Including blood, grass, red wine and grease & oil. Siemens know exactly what stains are the toughest you face on a day to day basis, and have created a solution for that. Less stains and less energy waste!

Our range of energy efficient washing machines goes further beyond this list. We have a lot of A Rated LG models available. And buying a B, C or D rated washing machine isn’t going to affect you too bad if your budget doesn’t stretch that far.

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