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Top 5 Energy Efficient Washing Machines

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It’s not just the initial cost of a washing machine that has an impact on your bank balance, the energy it uses keeps on costing you through your electricity bill during the course of its lifetime, too.

The cost of running a washing machine over its lifetime really adds up. Your washing machine uses electricity to heat water and turn the drum every time you use it – but some machines are cheaper to run that others, especially if you’re cleaning several loads a week and using higher temperatures. Choose a cheaper-to-run machine and your electricity bills will be lower.

While there’s not a great difference between the annual running costs of different washing machines, some cheap models can cost more than their initial purchase price to run over 10 years. An energy saving washing machine will typically cost around £15-£20 per year to run, compared with some that will add around £35 to your annual energy bill

How washing machines compare on efficiency


Washing machine energy efficiency has improved in recent years, but some washing machines remain more energy efficient than others.


The average washing machine uses 9.5 litres of water for every kilogram of cotton clothes it washes. But  water usage varies between models, ranging from an 8kg machine that can use just 5.5 litres of water per kilogram to an 6kg washer that consumes 22.7 litres of water per kilogram.

While the better performing washing machines use 44 litres of water at maximum capacity, the less water efficient models – with a smaller capacity – can use 136.2 litres.

To put those figures into perspective, if you always washed at max capacity and did the average three 40ºC cotton washes a week for a year, the good machine would save you 4,203 litres less water – more than 52 baths of water.

Washing machine efficiency tips

  • Wash a full load 40ºC cotton washes are designed to take a full drum’s worth of laundry, so always try to wash the maximum amount in each load to get the most value from the water and energy you’re using.
  • Avoid using extra rinse If you have very sensitive skin you may find it necessary to use the extra-rinse function on your washing machine to remove more detergent from laundered clothes. Try not to use this function unless it’s absolutely necessary, though – it’s another water waster
  • Switch to 30ºC Washing at 30ºC instead of 40ºC can save you around £9 a year. Good quality laundry detergents designed for low temperatures during a 30ºC program are good, and help use an average of 40% less electricity per wash

Energy labelling

All washing machines are awarded an official EU efficiency rating, from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient), to help you find the machines that are cheapest to run.

The efficiency of washing machines has improved rapidly in recent years, so you’ll find most washing machines on sale today are rated A or B. To help you differentiate between models at the upper end of the efficiency scale, the EU has set out plans to re-grade energy labels – adding ‘beyond-A’ ratings of A+, A++ and A+++. The more pluses the label has, the more energy efficient the appliance is.

The EU energy labelling scheme can help you choose a greener washing machine, but be aware that its washing machine labelling test is based on a 60ºC cotton cycle. Because of this you may often find the energy label ratings on washing machines are inaccurate.

Our Recommendations

Samsung WF0804X8E

Samsung’s ecobubble VRT washing machines feature advanced Vibration Reduction Technology, using a system of sensors or ball bearings to balance the drum when washing larger load sizes. This means that vibration and noise levels are significantly reduced, even at high spin speeds, meaning your machine is quieter, more durable and more efficient. Ecobubble technology not only improves wash performance, it also reduces energy consumption and saves money when washing at lower temperatures. A bubble generator mixes air, water and detergent to form a rich soapy foam that can get cleaning power right to the fibres much faster than in normal washing machines that use a normal mix of water and detergent. These bubbles are able to penetrate fabrics up to forty times faster than a high concentration liquid, meaning wash temperatures can be reduced without compromising on cleaning results. The WF0804X8E has an A+++ energy rating, 8kg load capacity, a 1400rpm spin speed and now includes 5yr warranty and £75 cashback!

LG F1479FDS6

Conventional machines consume more water than the LG Steam Direct Drive washer and recquire more energy to both heat up and circulate. With steam, less energy is needed because a smaller amount of water is used. Over the course of one year’s laundry, this translates to a savings of one month’s water and energy bills. That’s  good for your pocket as well as the environment. LG Steam Direct Drive will reduce energy consumption by as much as 21% when compared to a conventional 8kg capacity washing machine. Steam also helps save water. Steam particles are smaller than water droplets and can penetrate fabrics better. This improves the washing performance and the water consumption. LG Steam Direct Drive will reduce water consumption by as much as 19% when compared to a similar non-steam LG machine and up to 29% when compared to a conventional 8kg capacity washing machine. The F1479FDS6 has an A+++ energy rating, 9kg large load capacity, a 1400rpm spin speed, has the British Allergy Foundation seal of approval and 10yr warranty on the Direct Drive motor!

Panasonic NA-148VX3WGB

Panasonic has developed a range of innovative, highly efficient technologies, so you can save as much energy and water as possible with every wash. The 3D sensor, Perfect Sense, HydroActive+ and Inverter motor all work together perfectly to ensure clean results and the best possible resource savings in equal measure. Plus, they provide quiet operation for a more enjoyable washing experience. The innovative 3D sensor precisely measures the amount of clothes inside the drum, then communicates this information to Perfect Sense, which optimally adapts the energy and water needed. This not only ensures precious resources are not wasted, but also the best possible washing performance regardess of the size of the load. Complementing the other energy saving features, HydroActive+ uses five multi-directional showers to ensure the most efficient washing possible. These showers rapidly deliver water to fully dissolve the detergent into the wash and provide thorough rinsing, resulting in less time and energy used. The innovative Inverter motor inside this machine receives information from the 3D sensor to determine the number of drum rotations needed. This enables the motor to work most efficiently according to the size of the load and also to ensure energy savings. Not only does the Inverter motor come with a 10yr warranty, it is brushless making the motor extremely quiet for a more comfortable washing experience. The NA-148VX3WGB has an A+++ energy rating, 8kg load capacity, a 1400rpm spin speed and now includes 6yrs parts & labour warranty and £50 cashback!

Miele W3204

For over a hundred years Miele has led the way in laundry technology. With the latest generation of freestanding and integrated washing machines, tumble dryers and washer dryers, Miele combines its legendary quality with an elegant design to achieve an exceptional laundry care system. Honeycomb drum – The Miele honeycomb drum was first developed in 2001 to provide total garment care. The inner drum is slightly sculptured into a honeycomb design creating a thin film of water or air, which gently cushions the laundry away from the drum, providing optimum care of your most precious items. Waterproof and Water Control System – In the event of a water leak, a waterproof system will switch off the supply and close down the machine within seconds. It takes only 1 litre of water to activate the system. The water control system incorporates a float switch to detect leaks, and a time-controlled safety check, which automatically closes off the water inlet. Extra Quiet – This option allows you to reduce noise levels when using your washing machine during quiet periods. It takes advantage of a special wash rhythm and activates the rinse hold option to prevent the washing machine spinning when it could disturb you.  The W3204 has an A+ energy rating, 6kg load capacity, a 1300rpm spin speed and 5yr parts & labour warranty!


Having a bigger drum with more capacity is better for you and your wash. The bigger drum in this model allows you to do more washing in one load, so saving time, energy amd water. They also help to prevent creases and damage caused by excessive rubbing in machines with smaller drums. Having a bigger capacity means you can now save time and money by washing bulky items like curtains, duvets or even quilts, without having to visit the dry cleaners. LG washing machines are bigger on the inside but not on the outside, this Steam Direct Drive model is the same size as a standard washing machine but has a 12kg load capacity! Compared to a standard 8kg wash load, you can cut down on loads by up to 7 times a month and 74 times a year! The F1495BDS has an A+++ energy rating, 12kg large load capacity, a 1400rpm spin speed, Steam 6 Motion Direct Drive technology and 10yr warranty on the Direct Drive motor. For a limited time only we are also offering £50 discount off this model!

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