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LG TrueSteam Washing Machines Explained……

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What is TrueSteam?

Steam particles are smaller than water droplets and can penetrate fabrics better. This improves washing performance and water consumption.


Steam Cleans Deeper

Steam is the most intense form of cleaning because steam molecules are 1600 times smaller than water molecules allowing them to penetrate right into the fabric and remove far more dirt than a normal wash. Introducing steam into the wash will assist in removing ingrained dirt – giving the grubbiest clothes a makeover.

Dual Spray System

LG’s Dual Spray System uses steam and water in tandem. Steam is sprayed from one nozzle onto your wash to loosen the stains, and detergent water is sprayed from another nozzle to wash them away.

Large Capacity

LG TrueSteam Direct Drive washing machines are available in large capacity drum sizes, including 9kg, 11kg and 12kg. This enables more effective use of space inside the appliance allowing for larger usable capacity. Wash more, less often – bigger drums will allow you to do more washing in one load, so saving time, energy and water. Effortless ironing – larger drums in LG washing machines help to reduce creases and damage caused by excessive rubbing in machines with smaller drums. Convenience – having a larger capacity means you can wash bulky items like curtains, duvets or even quilts, saving you time and money. Space Efficient – wash big even in the smallest of kitchens. LG Steam Direct Drive 12kg washing machines (F1495BDS – see left image) are the same size as standard washing machines, they just have a bigger drum.

Crease Release

Thanks to Steam Refresh, you simply place your garments in the machine and 20 minutes later creases and adours are significantly reduced. Rather than using detergent and water, Steam Refresh harnesses the gentle power of steam to freshen your garments, saving you time and trouble. Available in all TrueSteam washing machines including the F1495KDS/6.

A Healthy Home

A combination of tiny steam particles and a 10 minute wash at 60 degrees removes dirt, pollen and 99.98% of dust mites and pet hair eliminating annoying allergy enhancers from your clothes, sheets and towels. In fact, LG TrueSteam washing machines are proven to remove more common household allergens than conventional machines as endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation. Available in all TrueSteam washing machines including F14A7FDS/6.

Saves Energy And Water

Conventional machines consume more water and energy than the LG Steam Direct Drive washer.  Less energy is used with steam as less water is needed. Over the course of one year’s laundry you could make a saving of one month’s water and energy bills. That’s good for your pocket as well as the environment.


The wool cycle on the LG TrueSteam Direct Drive washing machines has been approved by Woolmark for machine washable woolens.

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