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The Samsung Family Hub


The Samsung Family Hub is the new revolutionary refrigerator with a Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen that lets you manage your groceries, connect with your family and entertain like never before. Sounds intriguing right? Well that’s because it is.

Samsung have teamed up their fantastic software and multimedia with their equally fantastic quality home appliances. This was always going to happen at some point. It was inevitable.

You will never miss a thing…

A part from its sleek, stylish and innovative design, the ‘Family Hub’ has three built-in cameras that take a photo of the contents of your fridge every time you close the door. You can use your Smartphone to access photos from absolutely anywhere (within reason), so you will always know what you have and what you’re missing. Making the food shop an easier process.


Stay connected…

With the ‘Family Hub’ you can keep the family connected by coordinating everyone’s schedules. You can leave notes, reminders and even show off pictures from your day. The Family Hub is well and truly at the centre of it all.

Sync everyone’s calendar to the Family Hub and ensure you never miss an exercise class, practice, children’s school play or family night ever again, leaving you with zero excuses about what you’ve got planned for the week. Husbands beware!

As previously mentioned, you can send notes and reminders to the touchscreen from anywhere, using your Smartphone and apps such as ‘Sticki’ (I’ll explain what this is shortly).

Love sharing memories but don’t have any space for all the frames everywhere? Keep your favourite memories continuously on display with the vibrant touchscreen of the Family Hub.

Entertain in a new way…

Whether you are entertaining friends or family or simply considering spending a lot of time in your kitchen, the Family Hub is designed to play your favourite music and TV shows.



Play that tune…

You can stream your favourite music with the Family Hub’s built-in speakers and Pandora or Tunein Radio. If you want to create the ultimate listening experience, then sync your hub with some compatible wireless speakers. Make your kitchen the perfect boom box for your dinner parties.

Apps to shop, discover and entertain…

View inside – 3 built in cameras take a photo every time the doors close, so you can view what’s inside your fridge from your phone.

Groceries by Mastercard – the entire family can connect your favourite local grocer to make a list and place an order.

Allrecipes – instant access to an amazing collection of member-shared recipes, photos, ratings and reviews.

Sticki – share calendars, post photos and write notes on the Family Hub touchscreen or from your phone.

Pandora – discover and listen to new music with personalised stations that play the music you like.

Whiteboard – write notes and draw pictures on the Family Hub or your phone to leave messages for your family.

Photo Album – display your favourite photos directly on the Family Hub’s vibrant touchscreen.

Shopping List – create your list which will conveniently sync between your Family Hub and mobile device.

Samsung Club Des chef – your key to delicious recipes for all different occasions.

Tune in – listen to your favourite radio stations for free, with sports, news, music and talk radio.

Calendar – keep on schedule and sync everyone’s calendar from the touchscreen or your phone.

Timer – start or stop time intervals that are used to countdown with alarm notifications.

Settings – set up Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, date and time and so much more.

Fridge Manager – control the fridge and freezer temperatures, check water filter status and control the ice maker.

TV Mirroring – whatever you’re watching on your SmartTV, you can mirror it on your tablet or phone.

Weather – get the forecast at a glance to plan your day.


Custom cooling…
Flexzone – the Flexzone is a versatile bottom- right door that can be switched between a fridge or a freezer with the touch of a button, allowing you to choose between five customisable temperature settings.

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Keep it fresh…
Triple cooling system – this premium cooling system uses 3 evaporators for precise temperature and humidity control within the fridge freezer. So even when you have a full fridge, your food will stay fresher for longer.


So with all the above in mind, the Family Hub is literally THE appliance for you and your family. It’s sleek and stylish design means it is the perfect addition to any kitchen, adding innovation and functionality to your every day life.

For more information on this product, give a member of our sales team a call today – 0115 965 1937 🙂

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