American Style Fridge Freezers

American style fridge freezers offer a much larger capacity than a standard fridge freezer. While you'll enjoy all that extra space, you can also find lots of great additional features on some models including ice and water options. See into your fridge without even opening the door with the LG InstaView, or take a look at the clever Samsung Family Hub which is so much more than just a fridge freezer! View all your fresh produce on one level with the increasingly popular fridge above freezer style, or if you prefer the traditional side by side design we have a plenty of those too! You can choose between plumbed and non-plumbed American style fridge freezers, giving you more choice of where your appliance is positioned, what's not to love? Shop our huge variety of models  below from leading brands including Samsung, LG and Fisher & Paykel plus many more.

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American Fridge Freezers

American Fridge Freezers are a spacious and stylish method of refrigeration. They feature incredibly large capacities, multiple movable shelves and the ability to dispense water if you’d like. These desirable fridge freezers are inspired by the American style large family home design and have swiftly become a popular appliance for many of us in the UK.

Many of our Americans have the option for Ice & Water dispensers to be integrated within the front of the fridge. Non-plumbed means that you will need to refill the inner water compartment using your own tap. Plumbed means that the fridge freezer will require a water connection before turning on, however it does allow for incredibly convenient ice and water. Great for all year round!

American Fridge Freezer Design

The classic American Style Fridge Freezer design is side by side. This features a smaller freezer section to the left, with a larger refrigeration section to the right. We have a fair few models which have a split refrigeration side, giving you the option for a flexible fridge to freezer section.

The other fridge freezer models we do are called French Style. These feature the refrigeration sections in the top, with the freezer sections in the bottom. Conveniently this allows for a variety of styles, such as lower pull-out drawers and variable temperature fridge to freezer sections.

American Fridge Freezer Brands

We have numerous brands available for you to choose from when it comes to American Fridge Freezers, ranging from high budget to low. Some of our most popular are certainly Samsung, LG and AEG. Although a little pricier, it’s well worth investing. The build quality and reliability of these American Style Fridge Freezers will certainly benefit you for years to come. And with freshness focused features, you’ll see the benefit with your food nutrition as well.

Our more budget brands are Hisense, Haier, Hotpoint and Whirlpool. They are a fantastic choice as you are certain to get your value for money. They are packed with innovative features such as Holiday Modes and Super Freeze modes. Not only are these American Fridge Freezers big, but they’ve got enough technology to impress the whole family.

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