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The perks of compact appliances…

Siemens Kitchen

Compact appliances are often an afterthought when it comes to your kitchen. And the question is… why? They are the final piece of your kitchen puzzle, that can make all the difference to the look and feel of the end result.

They are the perfect companions for built-in ovens, compact appliances really are a must have. They maximise space and are incredibly versatile. A combination of steam and compact ovens, microwaves, coffee machines and warming drawers, compacts are the ideal addition to your kitchen. Designed to fit in to a wall unit or tall housing units, these appliances can be aesthetically lined up to look seamless and part of your cabinetry otherwise known as ‘gallery design’.

Miele Kitchen

Get all your appliances working seamlessly together for the perfect cooking experience, every single day. Who doesn’t want that in their kitchen? After all we spend so much time in there! Well… some of us do. But swiftly moving on…

The compact team players…

Steam ovens…
Steam ovens are a great choice to have in your kitchen. Becoming increasingly popular thanks to their ability to maintain the maximum flavour and nutritional content of foods such as vegetables and fish. Some models use a combination fan oven and steam, giving excellent roasting results whilst keeping food moist.

The Bosch CSG656BS6B Serie 8 built-in HomeConnect steam combination oven for example, has a 47-litre internal capacity which is perfect for steaming vegetables, fish and meat whilst maintaining maximum flavour and nutritional value. Finished in stunning stainless steel it compliments any kitchen perfectly.

Bosch CSG656BS6B

Built-in microwaves range from basic to full combination units. Some models offer superb traditional cooking results by using a combination fan oven, microwave and grill to reduce cooking times.

The Neff C17MR02N0B 60cm combination microwave for tall housing has a black glass fascia with stainless steel trim. With CircoTherm technology this model allows for multi-level cooking at the same time with no transfer of flavours across the food. It has banished the need to turn food whilst grilling as the air circulates around the food, cooking it evenly. With a roomy 45-litre capacity, 6 microwave levels and a state of the art TFT touch screen control panel so you can cook with ease.

Neff C17MR02N0B

Warming drawers…
To ensure that food is served piping hot when you’re entertaining your friends and family you may wish to invest in a warming drawer for your new kitchen. They are a handy yet understated appliance. Many models have multiple heat settings for warming crockery, defrosting and food warming. Various sizes are available to suit your requirements.

The Neff N17HH10N0B 14cm push pull warming drawer is a fantastic example of versatility. This warming drawer is perfect for warming food and crockery, melting chocolate, defrosting delicate foods and proving dough. Finished in stainless steel it is a must have in any and every kitchen.

Neff N17HH10N0B

Coffee machines…
Coffee machines come designed to suit all budgets from semi-automatic units to fully automatic plumbed in machines. Many models have settings for cappuccino, latte and espresso, and more with the ability to pre-set the strength and volume of coffee and milk required.

The Siemens CT636LES6 IQ-700 fully automatic built-in coffee machine has a 2.4-litre water tank and a milk frothing nozzle for perfect coffee making. You can brew two cups at the same time, saving those arguments of who gets the first cup in the morning. You can control or monitor this model remotely by your phone or tablet using an app with WLAN connection.

Siemens CT636LES6

If space in your kitchen is an issue and a standard size built-in oven will be too big, compact ovens are a fantastic alternative option. Although smaller in size there is no compromise on cooking performance. Compact ovens still have equally great features and functions as a full-size oven, they are just designed for busy homes short on space. So, don’t feel like you are compromising on quality just because your kitchen space may not allow you to have something bigger.

The De Dietrich DKP7320X built-in pyrolytic multifunction compact oven is 45cm high and boasts a 41-litre capacity. It’s self-cleaning pyrolytic function means scrubbing your oven is a thing of the past. With an A energy rating this is a fantastic energy saving option. It can be installed under your worktop or in a tall housing unit.

De Dietrich DKP7320X

Want to know more about the compact appliances mentioned in this blog, or any other compact appliances on our website? Give a member of our sales team a call. They are always happy to help 🙂 0115 965 1937.

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