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Luxury Kitchen Designs: Caple Copper Sinks & Taps

Copper finish sinks are a fantastic way to modernise a dull, dated kitchen. You can pair it with a copper tap, and even more copper accessories to give your kitchen a unique facelift. But it’s not necessarily a design decision you’ll want to jump into without some thorough research into the quality and maintenance these copper finish kitchen sinks and taps need.

Caple have designed an elegant copper kitchen collection to make your kitchen design so much easier. They have a fantastic range of kitchen sinks, taps and extractors, ideal for a twist on traditional décor.

Is a copper finish sink hard to maintain?

The simple answer is no. A copper finish kitchen sink requires the same level of maintenance as your traditional stainless steel sinks. Copper is a natural antibacterial material, and only requires a simple rinse with warm water after use. No special surface cleaners and no weird method to keep your copper finish clean.

However, if you’re thinking about getting a fully copper sink, such as the one below, things might be a little different. These thick, captivating sinks have a timeless look but require a little more maintenance than a just copper finish. You need to be weary when it comes to acidic foods (ketchup, oils etc) and harsh chemicals (bleach) as these can damage the top layer. You’ll also need to give it some care with special copper cleaning agents.

If you’re thinking of going for a fully copper sink, you should do some more research with websites such as this one.

If you’re trying to choose between a stainless steel sink and a copper one, purely for the colour and design of it–be adventurous and go for copper!

Is a copper sink worth it?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Whether you’re going for a copper finish sink, or a full copper sink, they’re definitely the choice for making a statement. They’re timeless, and will be just so striking when you walk into the room. They also have the same durability of a stainless steel sink–so there’s no difference really except for the design choice. And copper suits both the traditional farmhouse look, and the contemporary design such as edgeless navy blue and black countertops.

Caple Copper Finish Sinks & Taps

Caple are forever expanding their range of appliances. They’ve previously launched a deluxe built in black glass range-Caple Sense-that’s proven to be incredibly popular. A stylish, modern feel to suit any contemporary kitchen. But they didn’t stop there! They’ve gone the extra mile and designed these fantastic copper finish sinks and taps…

These remarkable sinks have a luxurious copper finish, and they’re suitable for both inset and undermount installation. Flexible as well as beautiful! You can opt for this deep, Mode 45 single bowl copper sink. Or you can opt for a bowl and a half with the Mode 3415, so you have extra space to wash hands or clean vegetables. Unique in their lustrous shiny finish, these sinks are a must have.

And you can create an easy match with their selection of taps. Our favourite here is the Karns single lever, and it goes particularly well with an eye catching, contemporary design. Like this one with sharp edge blue units.

And then there’s the C-shape tap design. The Ridley features a single lever design, whilst the Avel features a two lever design. Choosing between the two is personal preference: single lever might go better for a certain kitchen design; two lever gives you more control over the flow and temperature of the water. Either way, the colour is drop dead gorgeous.

Shake up your kitchen style with a little bit of copper spice! And, all of this copper collection comes with a five year warranty, so you can have peace of mind in your choice of Caple.

More of the Caple Copper range…

If you’re fully set on these copper finish sinks, why not have a look at the extractors you can match up to give your kitchen a flawless design.

These extractors certainly have distinctive styling that will set you apart from the crowd. If you’re looking to make a statement, the caple island hood is sure to deliver on the ‘wow’ factor. The downdraft extractor looks like something out of a bond film! It’s built with black glass and copper, complete with a glowing LED light to highlight your food whilst cooking.

Caple at Appliance City

Here at Appliance City, we have a fantastic selection of Caple appliances for you to browse. The Caple copper sink and tap range is just the tip of the iceberg. We have an extensive range Caple refrigerators and wine fridges; lots of sinks to suit any kitchen style; brilliant & intelligent built in ovens and hobs. If you’re in the market for fresh and exciting appliance ideas, Caple are the brand for you. Check out their fantastic range here.

And with Appliance City, you can get free delivery to most UK postcodes. We have a dedicated team here ready to answer any of your questions with expert advice supported by decades of appliance knowledge. Online or on the phone, we’re here for all your appliance needs!

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