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The Good, The Bad, and The Spicy [Infographic]

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If you haven’t noticed, here at Appliance City we’re going through a bit of a spice obsession. Our round-up of the best chilli recipes in honour of National Chilli Day (27th Feb, get it in your diaries for next year) got us thinking about the humble pepper. From the juicy bell pepper, commonly used for cooking, to the terrifying Ghost pepper, there are so many varieties to try and get your head around. With this in mind, we’ve create this pretty cool (if we do say so ourselves) infographic about some of the fiercest chillies on the planet. So sit back and enjoy The Good, The Bad, and The Spicy:


The Good, The Bad, and The Spicy – An infographic by the team at Appliance City

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On paper, it might not sound like much, but phew – those top five really pack a punch. Don’t believe us? Check out this video from the guys at the Clifton Chilli Club munching on a couple of the terrifyingly named California Reapers:

Ouch! And the rest aren’t much better either:

Jane from Jane’s Little Word of Chilli and Horrors chows down on a Moruga Scorpian:

Ted from Fire Breathing Idiot gets his chops around a 7 Pot Brain Strain:

Bill of Bill Moore’s Hot & Spicy Reviews takes on the 7 Pot Primo:

and finally, Andy McQuain tackles the Chocolate 7 Pot:

Despite what these videos, and our infographic, might be telling you chillies aren’t all about pain and suffering! In fact, we’ve gathered some interesting facts about chillies that don’t relate to pain. (Well, maybe a little bit)…

Fun Facts About Chilli:

Following salt, chillies are the next most commonly used food in the world.

Chillies can help relieve ailments from arthritis, high blood pressure, headaches and migraines, sore throats and even ulcers!

Farmers in Africa and on the Indian subcontinent use chillies to defend their crops from elephants as they can’t stand the smell!

Chillies make you happy! The part of the brain which registers heat is right next to the part which makes us feel happy.

Avoid water when looking to cool the burn. Milk will help to cool you off because casein, a protein found in dairy products, breaks the bond between your pain receptors and the capsaicinoids in the peppers.

Ounce for ounce, green chillies have more vitamin C than citrus fruits.

Chilli peppers increase your metabolism and curb your cravings for fatty and sweet foods.


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