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A Buyers Guide to the Miele W1 and T1 Appliances

Appliance City and Miele Laundry

W1 Washing Machine Overview:

The new W1 washing machines come in 8 or 9kg options, all at 1600rpm and have the new honeycomb drum. But what makes this stand out? The new TwinDos, CapDosing and Power Wash systems…



The TwinDos system is designed to make the most of the detergent and stain remover placed into the machine. The pre loaded containers dispense the detergent and stain remover when the washing machine needs them, rather than it being in the wash cycle constantly. The Twin Dos system lasts up to 3 months depending on use, you can of course use your own detergent and softener using the empty containers supplied on delivery.

Simply load the containers into the bottom right hand side of this machine and get on with your washing! The machine will let you know when it’s running low on detergent.


Detergent and Stain Remover – Ultraphrase

As you may have noticed within the above video, the detergent and stain remover used in the W1 machines are called Ultraphase. The blue Ultra phase 1 is both a detergent and softener, the clear Ultra Phase 2 has stain removing properties. The Ultra Phase components are designed to get the best result with both white and coloured garments. Rather than get all technical on how the stain remover works, please see the video below:

These retail at £11.99 each, which considering they can last up to 3 months is very competitive. They can now be purchased from us: Ultra Phase 1 Ultra Phase 2



But not all clothing is the same, we have delicate’s and for those you need to switch from TwinDos to CapDosing. The CapDosing is found in the more traditonal position in the top left drawer, these one-use capsules are designed to give your delicate garments the perfect wash with a little more TLC. CapDosing distributes special detergents, fabric conditioner, a reproofing agent and a booster stain removal dependent upon the final fabric. Choose from 5 special caps: sport, down, Wool Care, Silk care and outdoor. The caps can be purchased directly from Miele.


Power Wash

Cleaning clothes just got 10% better with Miele’s Power Wash function, the power wash crashes down onto your wash making the detergent fully utilised and your wash 10% better than previous Miele washes. The Power Wash system also allows a much shorter wash cycle, you can now get that 10% better performance in just under an hour.


We move onto the T1 tumble dryer, these machines have some clever technology:

Mineral Sensors – Perfect Dry

You always get a perfect dry with these tumble dryers and it’s down to Miele’s mineral sensor, these sensors detect the mineral content of your water and modifies the drying programme to ensure everything is dry.

Fragrance Dos

When you open the door of the new Miele dryers you’ll notice a small round addition, coming with a level control called the Fragrance Dos. It’s available in 3 scents to give pleasantly fresh laundry a natural fragrance for up to 4 weeks. This is Miele of course so this isn’t your standard fragrance, but the 3 types that have been developed by a family run company in the South of France, they have been creating fragrances since 1871!


Steam Finish

Hands up who likes ironing? No… no one. Thought as much! Then these tumble dryers will be your best friend, coming with a “Steam Smoothing”  which when used reduces the need for ironing. Essentially (science bit) water is sprayed onto the honeycomb drum creating a fine mist, this heats in the cycle and then smoothes the laundry. Very nice.

So there you have it, the new machines from Miele. One other matter to clear up is efficiency, the washing machines are top of the class with A+++ rating, the tumble dryers are no slouches either at A+, which considering the difference between the appliances is very good.

If you require anymore information on the W1 or T1 please feel free to call in on 01159 651937 and speak to one of our team, you can purchase these online: Washing Machine:  Tumble Dryer:

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