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Simple and Useful Wine Hacks [Infographic]

Simple and Useful Wine Hacks [Infographic]

Many of us love a glass or two of our favourite wine every now and then, perhaps at the weekend or with a nice meal. Others drink it on a regular basis with most meals. We can’t deny that wine drinking is a big part of our culture and lifestyle, an enjoyable treat and even a hobby for some. But there are times when we need some simple solutions to problems only wine drinkers will appreciate. You may recognise some of these familiar issues: How do I open my wine without a corkscrew? What shall I do with leftover wine? How can I cool wine faster? Can I improve a bottle of cheap wine? You may have your own solutions to some of these, but we’ve found some of the simplest and most creative wine hacks to help out wine lovers everywhere.

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Opening the Bottle

Let’s start with the unopened bottle of wine. It can be a challenge to open, even with a corkscrew. But what if you are hosting a dinner party, and at that crucial moment you can’t find the corkscrew? There are actually more ways than you might imagine to tackle opening the bottle. Household items like a picture hook, screw, nail, string and key can get the wine flowing and, ultimately, save the party. One of these items is sure to be hanging around in the absence of the corkscrew. Failing that, a drill and a bike pump can also be used! This one might just be more of a fun experiment, but it could still get you out of a bind.

Leftovers, and Chilling Wine

If you have leftover wine, why not freeze it in an ice cube tray? It will save the wine for use in cooking or for chilling your next glass (if you regularly drink the same white wine). Alternatively you can freeze some grapes to chill wine without watering it down. Genius! Whilst we’re thinking about chilling (the wine, that is), did you know there are some ways to get your bottle cool more quickly? Maybe you forgot to put it in the fridge and guests are almost arriving, or dinner is nearly ready. Try one of these two methods:

  • Wrap the bottle in a wet towel and then freeze.
  • Place the wine in a bucket of icy water and add salt. This will cool the wine faster than using ice alone as the liquid will help transfer the heat out of the bottle and the salt lowers the temperature by lowering the freezing point. Scientific!

Improving Cheap Wine

There are also some tips on what to do with a cheap bottle of wine. Perhaps you didn’t have much money in your pocket when you bought your last bottle, or you were gifted something you wouldn’t usually drink. If you like a sweet wine, adding pineapple will enhance the sweetness in a cheap white. You can also ‘aerate’ cheaper wine in a blender for 30 seconds, this is said to help it taste more expensive.

We’ve created this infographic to share some interesting, helpful and intriguing wine hacks. These quick tips could save a dinner party, perk up a bottle of plonk and speed up the ‘purchase to table’ journey. So enjoy (over your favourite tipple, perhaps?), share them with someone else who will find them useful and tell us about your own wine hacks!

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