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Myth Buster! Washing Machines with High Spin Speeds

When buying a new washing machine it’s easy to feel slightly overwhelmed with all the options available. If you’ve been wondering if 1600rpm better than 1200rpm? or that higher spin speeds ruin will ruin your clothes then read on! We’re on hand to bust some of the myths surrounded by higher spin speeds to help make choosing your new washing machines a little easier. 

Myth: Higher spin speeds will ruin your clothes!

Busted: No! Higher spin speeds will not ruin your clothes when you use the appropriate settings. High spin speeds are ideal for cottons, bulky items such as towels and bedding and denim. These types of items can handle the power of the top speeds and if you’re machine is maintained to a good standard you shouldn’t see any damage to your laundry at all.

However, if you whack a load of delicate and heavily embellished party dresses in the washer and spin it at 1200rpm then it’s fair to say you won’t like the outcome. Our tip? Read the care labels on your garments to be sure.

Myth Buster! Washing Machines with High Spin Speeds

Myth: Machines with higher spin speeds are more prone to breakdowns.

Busted: Many believe that higher spin speeds increase the wear and tear of the appliance as it puts more stress on the internal parts of the machine. However with the advanced technology today, washing machines are more reliable than ever.

There are washing machines on the market which have use innovative technology within the washer by using brushless Invertor motors and Direct Drive technology. By removing unnecessary belts and pulleys and using magnetic power, the inside parts are more streamlined making them some of the most reliable around.

Some manufactures trust the motors so much, that they come with a whopping 10 year warranty.

Myth Buster! Washing Machines with High Spin Speeds

Myth: The higher the spin speed the better!

Busted: You’d be forgiven for thinking the higher the spin speed the better but in actual fact it’s not as straight forward as that. You need to think about your lifestyle and your own requirements. If you own a lot of delicate items then a high spin speed is unlikely to benefit you as these need to be spun at a much lower speed – between 400-600rpm.

Also, if your wash loads tend to feature a lot of shirts then again, a lower spin speed is recommended and it will help to reduce creasing.

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