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Pimp Your Cheese on Toast for Welsh Rarebit Day!

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Cheese on toast is a classic British staple, but for Welsh Rarebit Day we’ve pulled together a few recipes to take your cheese on toast from ordinary to extraordinary.

Back through the ages, cheese on toast seems to originate somewhere in the 15th century according to literary sources from the time period. It has since been a past time favourite of Brits for meals, snacks or just because. The following recipes give your cheese on toast some serious gourmet glam.

Ultimate Cheese on ToastAppliance City - Food & Home

Lea & Perrins brings us a seriously delicious cheese on toast recipe that combines their delectable Worcestershire sauce, cream and wholegrain mustard. Serve over fresh sourdough bread or any freshly sliced bakery loaf and you’ve got yourself one heck of a snack!

Locket’s Savoury
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Now this is a cheese on toast worthy of an award. Sudden Lunch creates this toast topped with watercress, fresh ripe pear, crumbled Stilton and finished with a generous sprinkling of fresh crackled black pepper delivers a palette pleasing appetiser or brilliant breakfast.  If serving for lunch Sudden Lunch suggests pairing it with red wine. If you fancy feeling like you’re in an upscale eatery but don’t want to change out of your pyjamas this one is a great choice.

Chilli Cheese ToastAppliance City - Food & Home

Love cheese on toast? Love a bit of spice? This recipe is a mouthwatering combination of fresh chillies,  bell pepper and savoury cheddar cheese. Archana’s Kitchen suggests serving this cut up into bite sized pieces for an appetiser. But with something this good, who wants to share?

Croque-MadameAppliance City - Food & Home

I’m feeling a curtsy coming on, no wait its just the queen of cheese on toast, the Croque Mademoiselle! This recipe for the Croque Madam from Cook All the Things combines luscious Brie, salty ham, savoury dijon mustard and a delicous poached egg to create a cheese on toast recipe to defeat all cheese on toast recipes. This one is a must try and not just for a snack. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, why are you still reading? Get to the supermarket already!

Celebrate Welsh Rarebit day in your own way. Whether you are spicing it up with chillis, going gourmet with Brie or even adding the smoky goodness of Smoked Salmon the options for cheese on toast are endless. Start experimenting with this British classic today on a new Smeg Range Cooker with a separate dedicated gas grill that just begs to cook some cheese on toast!

Title Image Credit: The Gourmet Gab

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