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Free Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7.0 When You Buy a Selected Ecobubble Washing Machine

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Wash cool. Save energy.

Samsung have used their exceptional technological know-how and innovative approach to develop and design a range of quality home appliances, each with its own unique and innovative benefits, perfectly suited to you and the modern home.

Samsung’s ecobubble technology in their washing machines, provides a revolutionary approach to washing, delivering great results at low temperatures. Available in a range of capacity sizes. Ideal for busy families.

Feature: Water and detergent are mixed together with air in a bubble generator. Bubbles are created and these form a cushion of foam in the base of the drum, which penetrates deep into the clothes.

Benefit: The water and detergent are fully dissolved and are absorbed into fabrics much faster.







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Available on purchases made between 1st July and 4th August 2013. Claims must be received with proof of purchase by 1st September 2013.

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