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Air Venting Induction Hobs: Our Top 5

Combine two appliances in one with an air venting induction hob…

A popular choice in any modern kitchen, an air venting induction hob combines your hob and extractor in one stylish looking appliance. Much like a cooker hood, air venting induction hobs are designed to eliminate steam and lingering cooking odours. They do this by drawing the air directly at the cook top, from your pan. So, where a hood would suck the air up, an air venting induction hob has a cross flow which is greater than the rising speed of the cooking vapour, therefore disposing of odours or steam before you know it!

We have picked some of our favourite air venting induction hobs below. Take a look and find your favourite!

Elica Nikolatesla Switch 83cm Switch Recirculation Venting Induction Hob

One of the most popular air venting induction brands, Elica designed the Nikolatesla Switch, a true revolutionary cooking experience. Airmatic technology allows your hob to operate automatically as the sensors can detect the level of steam and adjust the extraction rate accordingly. There are nine speed settings for extraction plus an intensive mode. The Bridge Zone feature allows you to use longer or larger pans whilst maintaining an even heat distribution by using two heat zones as one.

Bosch PXX875D67E Serie 8 80cm Air Venting Flex Induction Hob

Bosch are renowned for their high quality appliances and this particular Flex induction hob is certainly no exception. With the PowerBoost function, there is up to 50% more power meaning faster heating. You can combine cooking zones on the hob using the FlexInduction Zone allowing you to use larger pans. There are nine levels of extraction plus an intensive mode for those times when you need to eliminate cooking odours quickly!

Faber GALILEO SMART BK Galileo Smart 83cm Air Venting Induction Hob

This super sleek looking hob is the Faber Galileo, measuring 83cm wide you can bridge the four induction zones into two larger cooking zones which is handy for bulky pots and pans. Each cooking zone has its own timer, so you can keep on track when you’re cooking several components simultaneously. The extractor is covered by a cast iron cover which can withstand heat and any water spillages. The air draws downwards into the extractor at a powerful rate of 700m3/h.

Neff T58TL6EN2 80cm Air Venting Flex Induction Hob

Another fantastic air venting induction hob, this Neff model features the unique TwistPadFire®. An intuitive control which illuminates a red ring so that you can easily activate the cooking zone of your choice. You can also remove the TwistPadFire® for easy cleaning. Do you love a perfectly cooked steak? With the Frying Sensor that can become easier to achieve! The sensor brings your pan to the perfect temperature and then it is kept at a constant heat level so its virtually impossible to burn your dinner!

Siemens ED711FQ15E iQ500 70cm Air Venting Flex Induction Hob

This Siemens air venting FlexInduction hob boasts an impressive extraction rate of up to 622m³ per hour. You can easily control the temperature using the touchSlider controls and expect up to 50% shorter heating times using the powerBoost function. This model is suitable for ducting out or recirculating depending on your preference.

Found your favourite?

At Appliance City we supply a wide variety of air venting induction hobs. Combining a hob and extractor fan, air venting induction hobs are a modern and sleek choice for any kitchen. Looking for more information or advice about hobs, extractor fans, or any other kitchen appliance? Call our friendly sales team on 0115 965 1937 for the best advice and competitive prices.

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