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Nexus Steam: A Healthier Way of Cooking

Rangemaster Nexus Steam

A tastier way of cooking…

Steam cooking is fast becoming ‘the next big thing’ in the culinary world. Of course, this method has been around for thousands of years, but recently the interest in healthier cooking and a need for convenience has increased the profile of steam cooking. There are many benefits, chefs and nutritionalists alike love this method. You can seal in flavours whilst retaining the natural colours and textures due to the gentle nature of cooking with steam. Moisture is also locked in, preventing your food from drying out, so it tastes even better for longer!

The health benefits…

If you’re health conscious, steam cooking is an ideal choice. Steam helps to retain crucial vitamins and nutrients in your food compared to conventional cooking. Another health benefit is that you wont require any cooking fat such as oil, simply season your food and let the steam do the rest! Love seafood? You can achieve fantastic results when you cook seafood with steam. Not only great for fish, you can cook your roast to perfection as steam cooking creates tender, succulent meat.

Nexus Steam seafood

Cooking with the Nexus Steam…

As with all Rangemaster range cookers, the Nexus Steam is packed with functions and features. The left hand multifunction oven boasts a spacious 79 litre capacity and 11 functions to choose from. Inspired by the Great British Bake Off? Why not try your hand at a cheesecake or soufflé using the Delicate Bake setting? If bread is more your thing, you will enjoy using the handy proving drawer. You can simultaneously bake, batch cook and boil with the Nexus Steam. Ideal when cooking for the family or preparing for a dinner party!

Cooking on gas…

The cook top is just as impressive as the interior of this range cooker. There are five gas burners including a 3.5kW multi ring burner as well as a wok cradle; perfect for cooking on a high heat. A multi-zone griddle is also great for healthier cooking as very little cooking fat is required. The griddle and pan supports are removable and dishwasher safe so you can keep your new range cooker looking as good as new!

Cooking on gas

Premium appearance…

One of the first things you notice with the Rangemaster Nexus Steam is its premium appearance. The sleek black glass fascia paired with rotary controls and a brushed chrome trim are modern and understated. Currently available as dual fuel appliance measuring 110cm wide, an induction hob model will also be available soon! Available in timeless black, stainless steel, slate and ivory, the Nexus Steam would make an elegant statement in any kitchen.

Premium appearance

Rangemaster appliances…

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