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Remodelling Your Kitchen On A Budget

Looking into remodelling your kitchen on a budget? You’re not alone! Now more than ever we’re needing to keep a tight hold on our spending habits. And with kitchen renovations generally being an expensive room to upgrade, it is especially important to have a budget in mind. But who said you can’t achieve the perfect kitchen on a budget?

In this article we’ll provide you with helpful tips and information on how to remodel or improve your kitchen, without breaking the bank.

Tips for Remodelling Your Kitchen on a Budget

1. Set a budget and stick to it

According to, a full kitchen renovation can average anywhere from £6,200 to a staggering £35,000+. Therefore, if you’re not careful you could wind up spending £1000s more than planned.

To avoid this, we recommend setting a budget for each aspect of your renovation, and sticking to it. The most practical way of setting a budget for these is to do your research on what the current costs are. For example, if you decide to hire a kitchen fitter you should look into the average cost in your area.

2. Prioritise your must-have items

Completely renovating your kitchen can be a daunting task. So, taking a step back and examining exactly what changes you’d like to make will help you to determine which are your must-have items. For example, if you want a new American Style Fridge Freezer, your budget should reflect this. If you spend the majority of your budget elsewhere, you may find that you don’t have enough for your dream fridge.

3. Consider alternative materials

One of the reasons that kitchen renovations are so expensive is due to the cost of materials. So, if you know that you need to replace your cabinets entirely, you may want to consider cheaper alternatives. So instead of opting for maple or oak, we’d recommend looking into pine which can be just as strong and durable.

4. Shop around for the best prices

This is probably one of the best tips that we can give you; shop around! Looking around a few kitchen showrooms to get an idea of what you’d like. However, they’re also prone to being very expensive. Instead, try shopping around some online-only retailers who can give you the same quality for a much lower price. Shopping online also gives you the advantage of checking reviews and finding sale prices more easily.

5. Consider DIY options

If you’re up for it, there are things you can do yourself to completely change the look of your new kitchen. And the bonus is you’ll be cutting down on labour costs by up to 100%. For example, depending on your abilities, you may find that you’re able to do the following:

  • Tiling
  • Painting
  • Flooring installation
  • Installing baseboards and other trims
  • Change outlets and lights
  • Assemble and install kitchen cabinets

Of course, two of the most common obstacles when it comes to any DIY project are know-how and time. If you’re not sure on how to start any of the above projects, we’d recommend getting some free advice from hardware shop employees and exploring the never-ending online resources. If you have the luxury of time and are confident in your abilities, DIY may be your ideal solution for remodelling your kitchen on a budget.

6. Use your existing layout

Changing your existing layout can very quickly cause you to run over your estimated budget. For example, deciding to move your sink or dishwasher automatically means additional material and labour costs. This is because holes will need to be punched into your walls to run new pipes and then those holes will need to be filled.

Furthermore, changing the positions of your cabinets will likely mean you’ll need to redo your flooring. This is because flooring often doesn’t run under cabinets, so changing the layout will lead to gaps in your flooring. Keeping them in the same position, however, means that you could keep your existing flooring.

7. Update rather than replace

You may find that you don’t actually need to replace many things in your kitchen. If your kitchen cabinetry is in good structural condition, simply updating them will be much more cost effective. Some examples of how you can update these include a lick of fresh paint, replacing doors and drawer fronts, buying new hardware, or installing some open shelving.

Updating your kitchen whilst keeping most of the materials is always going to be a budget friendly alternative to full tear out and replacement projects.

8. Buy all your appliances together

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Ideas for Budget-Friendly Kitchen Renovations

Keeping all of the above tips in mind, here are some brilliant ideas for you to consider when remodelling your kitchen on a budget.

1. Repaint or reface cabinets

As briefly mentioned, repainting or refacing your cabinets is an excellent way to completely change the look and feel of your kitchen without the costs of new materials and installation.

Painting your cabinets, although some-what time consuming, is fantastic for beginner DIYers. Whatever your vision, a lick of paint can transform your kitchen at just a fraction of the cost. All whilst also giving you the complete freedom to pick any colour or shade.

Refacing your cabinets is a little more challenging, and is more expensive than painting. However, it’s still cheaper than a full replacement. By replacing your cabinet doors and drawer fronts, and adding new veneer to your cabinet box exteriors, you can completely change your kitchen’s look. And as a bonus, nobody else will know that they’re not brand new cabinets!

2. Replace hardware and fixtures

Sometimes all you need to change the look and style of your kitchen is to replace your hardware and fixtures. As long as you’re able to find the right size for your hardware, you’re good to go!

Alternatively, if you already love your hardware but still want to upgrade them, why not look into spray painting them? This simple yet budget friendly option can really transform your kitchen cabinetry.

3. Install a new splashback

Being one of the first things that onlookers will notice in your newly renovated kitchen is the splashback. This eye-level decor piece is your chance to add an element of style, whether that be bold, sophisticated, or traditional.

If you’re wanting a tiled splashback, the great thing is that tiling is actually a relatively easy DIY task, even for beginners. So, if you’ve got the time and you’d like to save some cash, taking this task on yourself can be a rewarding and effective way to enhance your kitchen. As another option, if you’ve already got a tiled splashback, you can give it a whole new look with some tile paint.

4. Replace the countertops

Replacing your countertops, especially as a standalone project in your budget kitchen makeover, can be done at the fraction of the price of a full kitchen renovation. Your countertops have a huge impact on the overall appearance of your kitchen, and so it’s important to choose a material that suits not only the look and style of your kitchen, but your lifestyle as well.

5. Update the lighting

Lighting can be a fun and clever way to upgrade your kitchen. Whether you want to go as simple as changing your kitchen light shade to adding different lighting effects, updating the lights can be a cost-effective kitchen makeover idea.

Some lighting ideas that you may not have considered include adding spotlights over your worktops, overhead lighting to your dining area, or making a statement with dramatic oversized pendants.

6. Add an island or peninsula

If you have the space for it, adding an island or peninsula can dramatically increase your prep space and storage. This can be a fantastic alternative to completely changing the layout of your cabinets, especially if your main goal is to create more usable surface spaces.

Pros and Cons of Remodelling Your Kitchen on a Budget

So what exactly are the pros and cons of remodelling your kitchen on a budget? 

First and foremost, updating your kitchen on a budget can lead to a significant drop in cost. Additionally, opting for a budget friendly remodel means that you’ll be able to make small but impactful changes that can enhance functionality and efficiency without sacrificing your savings.

However, there are of course some potential downsides to consider. Using lower-cost materials may result in a lower quality finish, and you may not get the exact look that you imagined. Therefore, where necessary you’ll want to strike a balance between budget and quality items so that you’re able to get the look you want whilst keeping your finances in mind.


In conclusion, setting a budget and prioritising essential items for your desired look are crucial when it comes to not spending more than your means. Furthermore, there are many ways in which you can approach your remodel whilst saving money, such as exploring alternative materials, shopping wisely, and considering DIY options.

Whilst budget kitchen makeovers are kinder on your wallet, balancing these cost-effective choices with quality is important in order to get your desired outcome. Hopefully, by following the advice in this article you can confidently create a beautiful and functional space without exceeding your financial limits.

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