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Smart Ideas for Small Laundry Spaces

Laundry is already a tedious enough chore without the added stress of having an inconvenient working space. So, work smarter and not harder with these great ideas for making the most of your small laundry spaces.

You don’t need the biggest place in the world to create a functional and efficient laundry space. In fact, having everything you need placed close together means less moving about, and therefore means getting the job done faster. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

Hopefully these helpful DIY tips inspire you to create an amazing laundry room that works for you.

Ideas for Small Laundry Spaces

1. Stackable Washer and Dryer

Samsung stacked laundry appliances

Many people wonder if you can put a tumble dryer on top of a washing machine. Yes, you can! In fact, one of the simplest ways of making the most of your floor space is stacking your washer and dryer. Of course this idea only works if they’re both front loading, and ideally if your dryer is a condenser. To achieve this, you will need to purchase brackets or appliance shelving to avoid damaging the bottom appliance. The same applies if you want to put your tumble dryer on a worktop.

By making the most of the height of your room, you create additional space for everything else you need. You could add more cabinets or shelving around your washer and dryer tower where you can store detergents, pegs, or even air drying racks. The possibilities are endless!

Not only does this idea free up a lot of space, but it also creates a more seamless experience. By stacking your washer and dryer, you create a space that allows you to move laundry loads easily without the need to move a step. Why waste your time and energy when it can be done as simply as that?

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2. Shelving and Cabinetry

Adding in shelving and cabinets dedicated to laundry gives you a place to store all of your laundry essentials. A great thing is that this can work for you even if you have a really tight space to work with. Make the most of your wall space by adding shelves and cabinets above your washer and dryer.

Furthermore, incorporating a clothes rail means that you have a handy space to either dry your laundry or hang up clothing immediately after removing them from the dryer to avoid wrinkling.

You could even combine this idea with the idea of stacking your washer and dryer. By building a utility cupboard, you have a space to store not only your appliances but all of your laundry products behind closed doors. This idea works perfectly for those with small laundry spaces.

3. Behind the Door Storage For Small Laundry Spaces

One place that often goes unused is behind the door. By adding shelving behind the door you get the benefit of additional storage without the need to change your current layout. This is perfect for those really small laundry spaces. 

Here you can store cleaning supplies, towels, laundry essentials, kitchen towels, or pretty much anything else you can think of.

Furthermore, painting the door with chalkboard paint allows for the added benefit of labelling your supplies. This makes finding things easier not only for you, but for your kids, partner, guests, or cleaner (if you’re so lucky!).

This behind the door trick is not only handy for the utility room, but for coat closets, bathrooms, and even the kids bedrooms.

4. Easy Ironing Board Storage

Ironing board on wall mounted hanger
Source: Home by KMB

If you have a classic free-standing ironing board and you’re needing a better place to store it, then this idea could be for you. Utilising wall space, or even behind the door space, is the perfect solution for storing your ironing board.

In the past I’ve often struggled with finding a place for the ironing board. Somehow it always ended up getting in the way or just looking untidy. As soon as I bought myself an ironing board hanging bracket though, my life changed.

By using a hanging bracket you can simply pop it up out of the way, and continue with your day.

5. Use an Ironing Pad

Save even more space by swapping out your ironing board for an ironing pad!

Whether you want to make one yourself or buy one that already exists, the ironing pad is designed to fit on any surface you need it to, including the top of your washer or dryer.

Store this easily portable pad wherever you need. You can store it on a shelf, in a drawer, rolled up, or even keep it on a designated surface. This makes it the ideal equipment for small laundry spaces. 

Another added benefit to using an ironing pad over an ironing board is the added safety. Ironing boards often have a habit of wobbling, making them feel unstable. Considering ironing can easily become dangerous due to the extreme heat, this isn’t really ideal. Ironing pads on the other hand don’t have this issue. Since you can place your pad on any surface, you don’t have to worry about an unstable surface.

6. Wall Mounted Fold-Out Drying Rack

Drying your clothes indoors couldn’t be easier with this DIY fold-out drying rack idea. We originally discovered this old trick on Live Simply by Annie. Although she has lots of different air drying ideas, this was easily our favourite due to its simplicity.

Portable drying racks, although helpful, simply take up too much space. This fold away drying rack on the other hand can fold up completely flat, whilst also looking stylish.

The rack can be used for drying wet laundry or hanging coats, whilst the bottom knobs can be used for raincoats or umbrellas. 

The best news is this can be placed wherever you need. It can go in your laundry room, under the stairs, a cupboard, or wherever you feel fit. All it takes is a bit of imagination and some DIY.


Laundry often ranks as one of the most relentless household chores. However, optimising your small laundry space can make the whole process a lot more efficient. This means getting the job done quicker and easier. These smart ideas not only maximise your limited space, but streamline the entire process.

This list has been put together to help you transform your laundry area into an organised haven of space-efficient functionality. The possibilities are endless when it comes to enhancing your small utility space, making this daily chore a breeze.

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