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Your 2021 Appliance Questions Answered

2021 appliance questions answered

Another year has come to an end. It’s a great time to reflect, to think about the good times, and the bad. It’s been busy yet rewarding at Appliance City in 2021, and we’ve got all of our customers, suppliers and excellent staff to thank for it. We even hit 25K on Trustpilot! A brilliant milestone for one of the largest independent appliance retailers in the UK.

Seeing as we’re about to put yet another great year behind us at Appliance City, we thought we’d look back at our most frequently asked appliance questions and give you our best answers.

Our Top Appliance Questions

What’re the benefits of Samsung’s EcoBubble?

EcoBubble is Samsung’s answer to eco-friendly but hygienic laundry washing. Simply put, these washing machines pre-mix the detergent with water and insert it into the drum in the form of bubbles. With bubbles, your clothes can be washed at a lower temperature (a cool 15 degrees) whilst achieving the same hygienic results of your regular hot wash.

For those of you who don’t know, lower temperatures means less energy. And less energy means less money on your energy bill.

Is Induction better than Gas?

Everyone has a preference. I preferred gas, but induction has wriggled its way into my heart. We’re not saying that induction is necessarily better, but its hard not to love it because of the following benefits:

  • It’s so much more energy efficient.
  • Induction is easier to clean.
  • It may not seem it, but it’s more powerful.
  • It’s much safer without an open flame.
  • Induction has cool things like bridging zones and automatic pan recognition.

What’s Liebherr BioFresh? Does it actually work?

BioFresh is Liebherr’s pioneering refrigeration technology. These BioFresh zones are very much worth their price tag. These zones are dedicated fridge compartments that are great for storing meat, fish, fruit and vegetables for up to three weeks longer than your average fridge freezer.

With this technology, Liebherr have focused on sustainability. The fresher you can keep your produce, the less waste you create in your kitchen. The less waste, the less of an environmental impact you have. By creating the perfect environment for individual foods, you’ll have a better chance of using them than throwing them away.

And does it work? Yes, we’ve had a lot of good reviews for Liebherr BioFresh. Along with the good quality build by Liebherr, you’re sure to see the results for years to come.

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Is a Boiling Water Tap worth it?

One of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to boiling water taps. But yet, the only true definitive answer can come from you, the homeowner. If you’re thinking about buying a hot water tap, you may want to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Will eliminating the need to fill the kettle make your life in the kitchen better?
  • Do you live in a hard water area?
  • Do you have the storage space to keep the tanks?

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One thing we know for sure is that the Boiling Water Tap is super cost effective once it’s installed. It cost a minimal 3p a day, where as a kettle takes 2.5p per boil. And if you like tea, that’s a lot of money you’ll be saving.

A boiling water tap could benefit you in ways that you wouldn’t even think. With a Quooker you can quickly fill a pot or pan with boiling water, meaning less time waiting for a pot of cold water to come to boil. You can also use it for instantly sterilizing kitchen utensils when working with raw meats. There are so many benefits that can help streamline your kitchen life.

But answering these questions above will give you a great pros and cons list as to whether you’d like a boiling water tap in your life. They’re very effective if you use the kettle a lot, but maintenance might prove more of a chore if you’re in a hard water area. And if you’re in a smaller kitchen, the storage space might be more valuable to you.

What’s PyroClean? Is it the same thing as catalytic liners?

PyroClean or a pyrolytic oven, is a method of cleaning your oven that requires no effort and only a bit (just a smidge) of manual labour. PyroClean is a programme on a lot of our ovens that does all the cleaning for you. It sets the oven to a balmy 500°C degrees for 2 to 3 hours, literally incinerating any bits of burnt on grease or fat that had splashed onto your oven walls.

PyroClean is really popular, but it’s not the same thing as catalytic ovens. Catalytic is a type of oven liner material that absorbs and oxides any splashes of grease or fat whilst at 200°C degrees or above. All round cleaning, all year round.

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Appliance City Questions

When do you deliver?

In our local area of Nottingham, we deliver almost every day of the week. If you want to want to know about your specific area, give us a ring on 0115 965 1937, tell us your postcode and we’ll let you know what days we’re in your area.

Do you offer installation?

We are just a supply and deliver company, as outlined in our Terms of Trading. However, we do offer simple plumb in installation on appliances that require a water connection such as American Fridge Freezers and Dishwashers. If you’re purchasing an appliance with this installation available, and you’re in the selected area, this connection will be offered on checkout.

Please call us or read our delivery page for any clarification. When we are in our most busy periods we have the right to not offer this service.

Do we do free delivery?

Yes! Unless otherwise stated in your basket, we do offer free delivery to most UK postcodes. Additional charges could be down to if you’re in selected areas of Scotland, if you selected recycle your old appliance or if you’ve selected Large Item Delivery service at checkout.

Please call us for any clarification or read more on our delivery page.

Do you have a showroom? Can I come see my appliance?

Yes! We have a fantastic showroom located in the rural village of Bunny, Nottinghamshire. It’s also where our Head Office is, and is a great place to come and see a selection of our appliances. Make sure to give us a call first, and we can let you know if we have the product you’re wanting to look at on the floor.

You can also buy the products directly from the showroom with one of our sales experts, and you can collect your appliance from us here too.

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Our favourite appliance question of the year: Is my appliance in stock?

As so many of us have found out the hard way, there have been many problems with stock availability due to component issues, the COVID pandemic and even the Suez canal blockage (remember that?). It’s meant that a lot of our regular appliances aren’t in stock, and some of our best sellers are seriously in demand because of this.

Neff Hide and Slide, Dishwashers and Microwaves have certainly been hit the hardest. But the wonderful thing is our staff are super knowledgeable and easy-to-talk to. If you’re open to ideas, our sales experts can help you find the perfect appliance according to your needs. They’ll let you know what we actually have stock of, and when you can get delivery. They also know that it’s easy to get your heart set on a particular model. If this is the case, they’ll be honest and upfront about delivery timeframes. They’ll keep you informed if you decide to order too!

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