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We’ve Reached 25K Reviews on Trustpilot!

We’ve hit a huge milestone of over 25,000 reviews on Trustpilot! This is a massive achievement for us, so we’d like to take a moment to thank all the customers who took their time to leave us a review. As a company we strive in providing the best customer service possible, and Trustpilot is a great way for us to see how that impacts our customers’ lives. We’re simply amazed by the sheer amount of Excellent Rated reviews we’ve received over the years. It does go to show that it’s all about quality, not quantity…but it’s nice to celebrate the quantity too!

We have a fantastic multi-buy feature! You can get a bunch of appliances at a package price, perfect for if you’re renovating your kitchen. Lots of customers love it!

Our salesmen are incredibly knowledgeable, they have tonnes of experience and will help you through your appliance buying every step of the way…

We sometimes have delays on stock but that doesn’t mean we just ignore you. We’ll inform you of any delays on your stock or your delivery!

Our prices are incredibly competitive! We have easy add-ons like free delivery, removal of old appliances and recycling of your packaging, so you know you’ll get the best all round deal.

Delivery is always quick and efficient; our delivery drivers are the best and friendliest in the business!

And it’s so good to see people return because of our good service!

It’s fantastic for us to be able to sit down and read such positive comments every day. We would like to thank Trustpilot for being such a vital part of our customer journey! And we’re now on the road to 50K…

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