The World’s Hottest Chilli Peppers

September 24 2015

Chilli peppers are enjoyed worldwide to add spice and flavour to your food. There are many different varieties that vary in spiciness and taste. As a general guide, the smaller

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For the Love of Chillies: Our Interactive Periodic Table of Scoville Units!

May 22 2014

You may have noticed a little bit of a theme running through the Appliance City blog of late. From our round-up of the With that in mind, we're absolutely delighted

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25 Of The Best Chilli Recipes For National Chilli Day

February 27 2014

It’s National Chili Day today! To celebrate, we’ve pulled together a list of our favourite chili recipes. From hearty veggie chili to juicy beef – there’s something for everyone in this

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