Instant Hot Water Taps v. Kettles

Hot water taps are becoming popular in modern-day kitchens. They’re convenient and easy to use, but how do they compare to kettles?

Here, we’re going to discuss boiling water taps; their pros and cons, and compare them to using a traditional kettle.

Do Boiling Water Taps Save Money?

Although the cost of the appliance, and the installation if you’ve paid for a professional fitter, can be fairly costly, your monthly energy bills will be reduced. However, there will only be a significant difference if you and your family are boiling the kettle multiple times a day on separate occasions.

If you’re partial to DIY, installing a boiling water tap isn’t complicated. To ensure that you receive the money-saving benefits of a boiling water tap, follow our guide How to Install a Boiling Water Tap, and do the installation yourself.

How Hot Are Boiling Water Taps?

Hot water tap temperatures will differ depending on the manufacturer and the model that you’ve chosen. In general, the highest temperature for most boiling water taps is 100-degrees Celcius.

How Safe Are Boiling Water Taps?

If you have young children and are concerned for their safety, you can purchase an instant hot water tap that has a safety lock – much like the safety locks on medicine bottles.

Boiling water taps aren’t dangerous when compared to other household items. And they’re safer than a kettle. Kettle’s require you pick up the appliance and tilt it to pour the water. A hot water tap eliminates most of this contact.

Will Boiling Tap Water Make It Taste Better?

Boiling tap water is known to make water taste better. This is because you’re boiling away any chemicals that may be surviving in your water. However, in this country, our water is cleaned and is safe to drink, so boiling it for the taste will be personal preference. We’ve written a more in-depth article on this, please have a read of The Benefits of Boiling Taps if you’d like more information.

The Pros and Cons of Boiling Water Taps


  • Boiling water taps provide boiling water instantly. No need to wait for the water to heat up.
  • Some boiling water taps come with a flexi-hose to make filling up pans easier.
  • Buying purchasing a hot water tap with a safety lock, this form of tap will be safer than using a kettle.
  • 3-in-1 taps provide chilled, hot and boiling water. Removing the need for traditional taps.
  • 3-in-1 taps also reduce plastic waste. With chilled water readily available, you won’t need to buy bottled water.
  • If you have mobility issues, an instant hot water tap eliminates the need to lift and pour.
  • Boiling water taps remove nasty chemicals.


  • The cost of the appliance is dearer than a kettle.
  • Limescale control and filters don’t come with the boiling water taps. These are an additional cost.
  • Cupboard space will be lost due to the hot water tank.
  • Installation will require a professional if your hot water tap is going on your countertop and not over your sink.
  • Ensure that your tap is a boiling water tap and not a hot water tap. There’s a massive difference in temperature with little difference in its marketing.

The Pros and Cons of Kettles


  • Inexpensive. A kettle is vastly cheaper than a boiling water tap.
  • A safe option with its auto-shutoff when it has reached maximum temperature.
  • A kettle is portable. If you need to take a kettle out and about with you, it’s easy to do so. It’s also easy to pack away if you’re moving house.
  • The process of a kettle is long-winded but it’s easy to use.


  • The process of making a cuppa is long-winded when compared to a boiling water tap.
  • Takes up room on your countertop.
  • Uses a lot of energy when multi-boiling.
  • The majority are made from plastic and so are flammable.
  • Limescale control doesn’t come with a kettle. This will be an additional purchase. If not maintained, a new kettle will need to be purchased.
  • Kettles have a much shorter lifespan than a boiling water tap.


Boiling water taps are a big investment. They have much higher upfront costs if you include installation as well. However, they are incredibly easy to use, look chic and stylish, blend into the surroundings easily, and provide instant hot water. What’s not to love?