What Brand Makes the Best Kitchen Taps?

Your tap is an essential part of the kitchen. When you invest in a tap, you want to be sure that you’re investing in a quality product that’s going to last for a long time in your home. But kitchen taps are different to the things we’re used to buying.

You probably know about the latest smartphone or what’s in fashion at the moment. But you may only go tap shopping once every 15 years or so, so it’s safe to say that we doubt you’re keeping that up to date with what’s on offer.

To make sure you’re going into your purchasing decision with good information, so you can be happy with your new kitchen tap, we’re going to look at the brands of kitchen tap that we stock here at Appliance City.

We currently carry kitchen taps from five different brands. We choose the brands that we stock carefully. We need to be confident that all of them are going to keep our customers satisfied and give them value for money. We’re confident that all of these brands do.

Are Caple Taps Good?

The appliance market is a competitive one, with independent brands taking on multinational behemoths and so many different ones to choose from. What we can tell you, is how impressed we’ve been with Bristol-based Caple. 

We’re always proud to support British business here at Appliance City and it’s refreshing to see what appliances brands like Caple are able to contribute to the market. They’re a design forward brand, and the appliances they make are always super sleek and super stylish.

Shop Caple’s functional kitchen taps here.

How Good Are Franke Taps?

Franke are a well-known appliance brand and their sinks and taps are particularly high-quality. We love both of these Franke ranges and made sure we stock them for our customers.  

With plenty of options to choose from, there’s a Franke kitchen tap for any budget and any kitchen. The price range is very wide, with some models less than £200 and some over £1,000. Shop around and see which one would be the best fit for your kitchen.

Shop Franke Kitchen Taps here.

Is Quooker Any Good?

Makers of the world’s first boiling water tap, Quooker are deserved experts in the world of kitchen taps. It takes special minds to innovate something like the kitchen tap. But Quooker did it and they did it well. 

When it comes to kitchen taps, your investment could barely be safer than with a Quooker tap. They’re’ leading the way in innovation and they’re a very well respected authority in the market. 

View our Quooker Taps here.

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