How to Install a Tap

If you’re not sure how to install kitchen taps, or how to change your kitchen tap, this guide is for you.

How do You Install a Kitchen Tap?

Here’s your quick guide to tap installation:

Turn Off the Water Supply

Before you do anything else, you need to turn off your home’s water supply. This is critical (unless you fancy flooding your kitchen).

Once you’ve turned off the water supply you should turn on both taps until all stored water drains away. Don’t turn them off afterwards – they should remain open (meaning water would flow if the supply was on).

Remove Your Existing Tap

The correct method to remove your existing model is dependent on the model itself, and if you are unclear on how best to do this then we recommend contacting the manufacturer or a professional.

Install Your New Tap

Now it is time to fit your new tap.

  1. Connect the threaded post to your new model and place this on top of your basin, which will allow the thread to feed below the basin.
  2. Attach the washer.
  3. Screw the nut firmly on to the threaded post.

Attach the Plumbing

To connect your tap to your plumbing:

  1. Screw the flexible connectors to the tap and connect it to your pipes.
  2. Note if your model requires a compression fitting between the appliance and the tap, as this regulates the water pressure.

A common question you may find yourself asking when installing your tap is “which way should taps turn”? This is important to know to make sure you don’t have to remove your tap and reinstall it.

Most taps should turn anti-clockwise to open the water supply and clockwise to close it. Some taps have handles that move up and down. In this case it should move upwards to open the water supply, and down to close it.

Turn Your Water Supply Back On

Before turning your water back on, double check everything is fitted securely so there is no chance of your new tap leaking. We recommended earlier that you keep your taps set to open. This is because once the water supply turns back on air will be forced through the tap before the water. If the tap is closed it can damage your appliance.

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Now your tap is correctly installed, let’s look at how best to maintain it. Make sure to complete the following steps on a regular basis to ensure that your tap lasts as long as possible:

Cleaning Your Tap

It’s recommended that you clean your tap at least once a month. Make sure to clean the inside of the spout alongside the external spout, handle, and external connections.

Check Your Tap for Drips, Leaks, and Blockages

This step is very simple. Keep an eye out for drips, as well as leaks from the tank connection, the handles, and the spout-basin entry. It’s also important to routinely check that there are no blockages within your spout. Water that flows slower than usual is indicative of a blockage.