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Wine Coolers

If you’re a wine connoisseur, a wine fridge is the perfect appliance for you. Whether you love a white, a red, or even a bit of bubbly, a wine cooler won’t discriminate. They’ll keep your tipple of choice perfectly chilled at the temperature that you choose. There are many different ways you can incorporate a wine cooler into your home, so it’s important to pay attention to things like capacity and fittings.

Wine Cooler Fittings

When it comes to Wine Coolers, you can choose freestanding or under-counter. Freestanding can stand on its own freely, providing you with the ability to move the wine fridge when needed. Under counter, or built in wine fridges, are perfect for fitting into your kitchen cabinet. You would expect them to fit behind a cupboard door, however wine coolers have a window view so you can see all the wine you have available.

Wine Cooler Features

One of the great features of certain wine cooler models, is the ability to have multiple temperature compartments. This allows you to have one temperature compartment for gently chilled reds, and another temperature set for colder white wines, champagne or prosecco. This feature is great for if you prefer exact temperatures, however single temperature wine fridges are great for storing all types of wines.

Many models also come with humidity control, UV resistant glass and anti-vibration technology, so you can be confident that your wine stays in top condition all year round.

Wine Cooler Brands

When it comes to wine coolers, we offer a selection of brands for you to choose from, everything from AEG to Smeg. However, the most popular brands include, Caple, CDA and Bosch. Caple are a British based company that supply a range of appliances, but excel in wine refrigeration. They deliver excellent service and the quality of their wine fridges reflect this.

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