The Best Wine Cooler Brands

Discover the leading wine cooler brands.

In this guide, we talk about the best brands for wine coolers. When you’re shopping for a wine cooler, you want to know that you’re buying a quality appliance. Afterall, a wine cooler is an investment, and it needs to protect your precious wines.

When it comes to appliances such as fridge freezers, washing machines or range cookers, there are some obvious heavyweight brands that crop up a lot. But with wine coolers it’s a bit different. They’re quite a niche product, and so we may have some specialised brands that you haven’t heard about yet.

We advocate for the quality of all the brands that we stock. We wouldn’t carry appliances from these manufacturers if we didn’t think that they could satisfy customers. Therefore, we encourage you to explore and browse all of the brands on offer, as we can’t talk about all of them here.

Red, White and Champagne Bottles


Leibherr Logo

Liebherr is the leading brand specialist in refrigeration. They dedicate all of their time in creating high quality refrigeration appliances. They do this by ensuring they all undergo extensive research and quality testing. This of course extends to their range of premium wine coolers.

Are Liebherr Wine Coolers Good?

Absolutely. Thanks to Liebherr’s wine expertise, their wine fridges are sleek, stylish and incredibly well designed. They also deliver freedom of choice. Their style options include integrated, freestanding, undercounter or upright.

With smart features and a high-quality build, their wine fridges are a luxurious product. Liebherr wine coolers are impressive appliances, and their price points reflect this. However, our prices are incredibly competitive. So, if you’re serious about your wine collection, Liebherr should be on your radar.


Dunavox logo

Dunavox are wine cooling experts. They cover absolutely everything that you can think of in regards to storing your wine. Dedicated to the art of wine storage, Dunavox takes every care to produce extremely high quality coolers.

How Good are Dunavox Wine Coolers?

Although relatively new, at least here in the UK, Dunavox is a high-quality luxury wine cooling brand. They build their wine coolers to the highest standards. They impress anybody who has the opportunity to experience them! Operating at an extremely low volume, and featuring smooth sliding telescopic rails with beechwood shelves, the quality of their wine coolers are amazingly good.


Based in Bristol, Caple offers a range of stylish kitchen appliances. This includes taps, cooker hoods and built-in cooking appliances. However, they are best known for their range of stunning wine coolers. Caple’s success lies in their dedication to creating innovative design-led products.

How Good are Caple Wine Coolers?

Instinctive, quality design is at the heart of everything Caple does, and their wine coolers are no exception. Integrating perfectly into kitchen cabinetry, their wine coolers are things of beauty.

Caple uses classic neutral tones with high-end materials to create premium appliances. Caple wine coolers are the perfect choice for any wine lover. So, whether it’s a small integrated unit in the kitchen, or a large upright fridge for hundreds of bottles in the basement, the decision is yours.


Based in Nottinghamshire, CDA is a superb, local brand who consistently delivers great products. Their range of kitchen appliances have been made with both performance and aesthetics in mind.

How Good are Wine Coolers by CDA?

Our CDA wine coolers are consistently amongst the best selling in their category. This isn’t at all surprising though. With modern designs, smart features, and super affordable prices, they’re great for anyone looking for a high-quality wine cooler on a low budget.

Although cheaper, CDA wine coolers are full of great features. Your bottles of wine will be well protected with toughened UV protected glass, the option of multiple temperature zones, and LED interior lighting. Overall, they absolutely have everything a wine lover needs.


AEG is a widely known kitchen appliance brand. They are known for their experience and high performing products. Founded over 135 years ago, they have a philosophy that everything should be designed with perfect form and function. This is something that they have continued to this day, with innovative and smart appliances.

Are Wine Coolers by AEG Any Good?

Extending their expertise in great quality appliances, AEG wine coolers offer great value. Their wine coolers always come finished in very sleek and smart designs. As for the internal workings, you can rely on their famous German engineering to last for a long time in your kitchen.

Consistent, reliable performance and efficient energy ratings team up to make a range of AEG appliances that are very hard to resist. Whatever capacity you need, AEG will have an option that suits your needs. Finally, AEG gives the option to have a finish that perfectly matches other AEG kitchen appliances.

Live your best sommelier life and start giving your favourite bottles the treatment they deserve. We specialise in providing high quality appliances at competitive prices. If you have any questions, our appliance experts are always happy to assist!

Keep Your Bottle Chilled With Kaelo

You can keep your bottle of wine at the optimal serving temperature as you drink with a wine server. These are particularly great when you’re hosting and you don’t want to keep running back to your wine cooler. Kaelo wine servers can be integrated into any work top, maintaining your wine at its optimal temperature. With this clever technology, you can avoid drips caused by condensation or melting ice.

Kaelo Wine Server

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