Best Brands for Wine Coolers

In this guide, we’re going to be talking about the best brands for wine coolers. When you’re shopping for a wine cooler, you’re spoiled for choice. Especially here at Appliance City, as we carry wine coolers from the best in the business. 

When it comes to appliances like your fridge freezer, washing machine or range cooker, there are some obvious heavyweights that crop up a lot, but with wine coolers it’s a bit different. It’s quite a niche and as such, we have some different contenders and maybe some brands that you haven’t yet heard about. 

What we will say is that we advocate for the quality of all the brands that we stock. We wouldn’t carry appliances from these manufacturers if we didn’t think that they could satisfy customers. They can and they do, so we do urge you to explore and browse all of the brands on offer as we can’t talk about all of them here.

We intend this to be a place for you to start on your hunt for a new wine cooler. If you’re unfamiliar with the brands, or what makes a great wine cooler and who you should be looking too for them, we’re going to cover it here by looking at the best wine fridge brands, that perform the best with our customers and regularly crop up in consumer reviews and so on. So here are the best brands for wine coolers.

Red, White and Champagne Bottles

Are Liebherr Wine Coolers Good?

Heavyweights of the appliance market, Liebherr, are a dab hand at wine fridges too. Liebherr definitely seem to excel in refrigeration more than anything, but you can bet on their appliances to be a hit no matter what it is they do. Their wine fridges are sleek and stylish and they can be integrated, freestanding, undercounter or upright for freedom of choice.

With smart features built into the unit, impressive energy ratings and all finished in a high-quality build, their wine fridges are a very luxurious product. Their prices range and some you will need to contact us for, but a Liebherr wine fridge is always worth every penny of the price it commands and if you’re serious about your wine collection, you’ll seriously consider a Liebherr wine cooler.

How Good are Fisher & Paykel Wine Coolers?

New Zealand-based Fisher & Paykel are making outstanding appliances for the home and we have a selection of freestanding Fisher & Paykel wine coolers u for grabs on our website. Freestanding wine coolers are a good option for those that want the freedom of being able to move it, which can come in handy if you regularly entertain. 

Our Fisher & Paykel wine coolers are competitively prices, expertly finished and are available to very high standards. They come recommended not just by us but by our customers and they would make a gorgeous addition to the kitchen.

Caple Wine Coolers – How good are they?

Bristol-based Caple make gloriously minimal and sleek appliances and we’ve been loving what they’ve been providing to the appliance market for quite some time now. Instinctive, quality design is at the heart of everything they do and their wine coolers are things of beauty. They integrated so well into kitchen surfaces, with a deft, stylish finish.

They employ classic neutral tones with exuberant materials to give a premium feel to their appliances. You can’t have a premium kitchen without premium appliances and our Caple wine coolers are an essential for any wine lover, whether it’s a small integrated unit in the kitchen or a large upright fridge for hundreds of bottles in the basement – you decide!

How Good are Wine Coolers by CDA?

We’re really proud to back British business here at Appliance City. We love what the international companies are doing like Samsung, Smeg, Bertazonni and so on, but we think it’s important to support local British business and give our customers that choice. But CDA aren’t on the list because they’re local, they’re on the list because their wine coolers are amazing.

It’s hard to get a look in these days with such heavyweight appliance brands around, but our CDA wine coolers are consistently amongst the best selling in that category. For small British outfits like CDA and Caple to more than hold their own and in some cases exceed the likes of giant multinationals is fantastic and we’re really happy to carry their products. Snappy design, smart features and super affordable, these are great for anyone looking for a high-quality wine fridge on a low budget.

Are Wine Coolers by AEG Any Good?

We have a range of integrated AEG wine coolers and they offer fantastic variety for those of you are undecided on which route to go down with a wine fridge. There’s lots of different things you need to consider from the features of the layout and capabilities of the unit itself, but AEG makes it so easy.

Their appliances always come packaged in very sleek and smart designs and with AEG, you can rely on that famous German engineering to last for a long time in your kitchen. Consistent, reliable performance and efficient energy ratings team up to make a range of appliances that’s very hard to resist. They’ve also catered to those who want a wine fridge, but don’t necessarily have a massive collection of wine with some really handy and smart integrated solutions.

This should be considered as a starting point in your hunt for a new wine fridge. We carry more brands than the ones mentioned above in our wine coolers section, and you can shop from more product lines in our Refrigeration section. With excellent lines of fridges, fridge freezers and more, we also have expansive Cooking, Extraction and Small Appliance sections.

Live your best sommelier life and start giving your favourite bottles the treatment they deserve. We specialise in providing high quality appliances to our customers at low prices and with free shipping in the UK and a recycling service available too, buy online at Appliance City to save time and money!