Where is the Best Place for Your Wine Cooler?

Pouring a glass of red wine

Not sure where the best place for your wine cooler is? Let’s explore the options!

Most people keep their wine cooler in their kitchen. It’s the obvious choice, right? The kitchen is definitely a great place for wine coolers, but there are also a number of other rooms that work. For example, a wine cooler may look fantastic in your dining room, or you may find it more useful in the garage.

We’re here to discuss the best rooms for your wine cooler, and to hopefully provide you with some inspiration for your own wine cooler positioning.


As we mentioned above, the kitchen is a very common room for wine coolers. However, you may still be wondering if you should place your wine cooler in the kitchen. Here we’ll explore all of the great reasons why the kitchen is the ideal room for a wine cooler. We’ll also explore different options for where to place a wine cooler in the kitchen.

Why is the kitchen a great place for a wine cooler?


Man and woman enjoying glasses of wine in kitchen

Storing wine in your kitchen means that your wine is easily accessible. Most people store their wine glasses in the kitchen, so it makes sense to store your wine right by them. It also means that your wine is readily available for adding to recipes!


Integrated wine cooler in kitchen with woman drinking wine standing in front

A great reason to put your wine cooler in the kitchen is just because it looks stunning. Displaying your wine collection here can completely elevate the space. It also gives you something great to show off to your guests; especially with interior lights!


Wine cooler in between cabinet units with utensils hung above

Many wine coolers are designed to fit under-counter. It therefore makes sense to keep it in your kitchen, as you’ll likely be able to easily find the space for it. The kitchen is designed to contain larger appliances such as a wine cooler, so in terms of design there are many different options available for you.

Where should a wine cooler be placed in the kitchen?


Man and woman leaning on a freestanding wine cooler

The great thing about freestanding wine coolers is that they can be placed anywhere. You could slot one into a gap between cabinets or other appliances, or place them freestanding against a wall.  A tall upright wine cooler can also store upwards of 200 bottles, giving you the opportunity to build a gloriously big wine collection.


Caple wine cooling integrated into green cabinets

The other option is to integrate your wine cooler into your cabinetry. This creates a neat seamless look, perfect for modern kitchen designs. If you’re renovating your entire kitchen, this is definitely something you can consider. An integrated wine cooler can also be more hidden away, if that’s what you’d prefer.

  • Can you put a wine cooler next to an oven?

You should always avoid placing your wine cooler next to appliances that generate heat. This of course includes ovens. That’s because the heat generated will cause the wine cooler to need to work harder to maintain a constant internal temperature. This will increase energy consumption, and lower performance. It will also be more likely to break down.

In Your Kitchen Island

Wine cooler in kitchen island

If you have a kitchen island, consider using it to store your wine cooler. It’s the perfect location! Not only can you position your wine cooler to be one of the first things on show as people walk in, but it’s convenient too. If your kitchen island has a seating area, it becomes an ideal location to entertain!

Kitchen Drink Station

Drink station with wine cooler

Many people are adding drink stations to their kitchens. This doesn’t have to be all alcoholic though. You can add a coffee machine, kettle, fizzy drinks, or anything to your station. Essentially though, it becomes the place to go to make your favourite chosen drink. Everything is in reach, including glass and drink. Adding a wine cooler just makes sense.

Kitchen Wine Showcase

Fisher Paykel RF356RDWX1 Wine Cooler

If you have a large collection of wine, why not turn it into a display showcase? This would work best with a large integrated model, however you don’t have to limit yourself to this. Place your wine cooler in a prominent place in your kitchen, and make sure you get a model with internal lighting to really show off your wine!

Dining Room

The dining room is a lovely room to consider placing a wine cooler. If this is the room that you would generally entertain guests, or where you do most of your socialising, it makes sense to have your wine on hand. Depending on your budget, you do also have the option to choose from a freestanding or integrated wine cooler.

Why is the dining room a great place for a wine cooler?


Woman sat down drinking champagne

A dining room is predominantly a room for eating and entertaining. Those are also two activities that pair perfectly with wine. By placing a wine cooler in your dining room, you can easily access your wine as you dine. It also allows your guests to browse your wine collection, or for you to experiment with pairings alongside your food.


Bottles of wine in Leibherr wine cooler

Adding a wine cooler to your dining room will create an elegant and sophisticated look. No matter how formal or extravagant your dining room already is, a wine cooler will add to it. You could add one next to a gin cabinet, or build it into a beautiful home bar.


Large wine fridge in dining room

If you have a small kitchen, or just don’t want to clutter it up with lots of appliances, the dining room is the perfect storage solution for you. Your wine will still be easy to access in a convenient location, and you’ll get the space that you need. A dining room can also look a little plain without adequate decoration. We’d say a wine cooler is a perfect décor decision.

Living Room

If you find yourself preferring to drink your wine in the comfort of your living room with your feet up, why not consider installing your wine cooler there? Whether you’d prefer to keep it by the side of your sofa, or build yourself a little wine cooler, the choice is yours. It’s your wine after all.

  • Can you install a wine cooler on carpet?

No, you shouldn’t put a wine cooler on carpet. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, carpet can block the needed airflow, reducing cooling efficiency and causing potential heat build-up. This will increase your energy bill, and may cause your wine cooler to break down. Secondly, any leaks from your wine cooler can cause mildew on the carpet below, as well as potentially ruining your carpet. Other problems this can cause include uneven surfaces and cleaning challenges. Therefore, if your living room has carpet we wouldn’t recommend placing your wine cooler here.

Why should you consider putting a wine cooler in your living room?


Couple drinking wine on sofa

Depending on how you personally enjoy your wine, the living room could be the most convenient room for your wine cooler. You can place it right next to your sofa, so you can fill up a glass as you enjoy your evening TV shows. Just keep in mind that if you don’t keep your wine glasses in your living room it may actually be less convenient for you.


Large Dunavox cooler in living room

A wine cooler, big or small, can add a unique touch of style to your living room. If you have a big enough living area, you could easily fit a large wine fridge. However, a smaller model would most likely fit the space better.


Pink living room with pink drinks cooler

If you’re limited on available space in your home, utilising some space in your living room can be helpful. Depending on the size of your chosen wine cooler, they can take up quite a bit of space. It could make more sense in your room to take away floor space from your living room rather than your kitchen.


The garage can be a great location if you don’t have a huge amount of space elsewhere. If you’re lucky enough to have a garage that adjoins your house, then you open yourself up to a number of options for your wine cooler. If you have worktops in your garage, you could choose an under-counter model. You may even be able to integrate it into garage cabinets!

  • Is it OK to have a wine cooler in the garage?

If your garage is not well insulated, it is not suitable for a wine cooler. Extreme climate fluctuations can damage your wine cooler, and other appliances.

Why can a garage be a good place for a wine cooler?


Closing wine shelf

If you don’t have a lot of space elsewhere, the garage can be a convenient location. If your garage is directly connected to your kitchen, or another room you entertain in, it can also be convenient for being able to quickly select a bottle.


Dunavox wine cooler and teal bike

Style isn’t something that most people consider for their garage. However, if your garage is suitable enough for a refrigeration appliance, it’s likely that style is a consideration for you too. A wine cooler can transform your garage into more of a homely space.


Caple WC1792 wine cooler

Generally, people tend to have more available floor space in their garage than other rooms. If you do have the available floor space then you can opt for a larger freestanding wine cooler. A large wine cooler should fit your entire collection, and then some!

Other Rooms

If none of the above ideas work for you, there are still lots of other locations to consider. For example, you can place your wine cooler in a utility room, larder, bedroom, hallway, or conservatory. Keeping your wine cooler tucked away in one of these locations could be perfect if it interferes with your current design. For example, if your kitchen has a rustic farmhouse design, a modern wine fridge isn’t going to fit.

We always recommend trying out different locations to find which one works best for you. Our advice is to keep the following four criteria in mind when deciding where to put your cooler: convenience, style, space, and safety.


  • How long should you keep wine in a wine cooler?

Unopened wine will last a long time in a wine cooler. How long will depend on the type of wine and how well it is stored. On average, white wine lasts 1-2 years past its expiration date. Red wine lasts 2-3 years past its expiration date. Cooking wine lasts 3-5 years past its expiration date. And fine wines can last 10-20 years past its expiration date.

  • Can you put a wine fridge against a wall?

You can, however you will need to leave a gap of around 5cm for ventilation. Otherwise heat could build up, shortening the lifespan of your wine cooler.

  • How much room do you need for a wine cooler?

How much space you need will depend on the dimensions of your wine cooler. However, you will also need to provide a big enough space to allow for ventilation.

  • Can you put a wine cooler outside?

Unless you have a model that is specifically designed to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, you should never place your wine cooler outside.

  • Is it safe to have a wine fridge in your bedroom?

As long as you don’t place it on top of the carpet, it is perfectly safe to keep a wine fridge in your bedroom. Just keep in mind that, although many quality models run very quietly, no wine cooler is completely silent. Furthermore, refrigeration units do expel heat, which will be released into your bedroom.

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