Where is the Best Place for your Wine Cooler?

Pouring a glass of red wine

If you’re looking to buy a wine cooler, or simply want to know what positioning options you have for your current model, then this article is for you. Most people will only keep their wine cooler in their kitchen as it seems to be the obvious choice, right? Well yes, sometimes. Although wine coolers are suited to the kitchen, there are also a number of other rooms that it looks equally great in or is way more useful to store it in. For example, wine coolers kept in the garage are a good idea and normally give you more freedom of choice.

We’re here to discuss these options and hopefully provide you with some inspiration for your own cooler positioning.

Is the Kitchen the Best Place for My Wine Cooler?

As we mentioned above, positioning your wine cooler in your kitchen is very common. However, did you know about all of the different options that you have within your kitchen? Most people opt to have their wine cooler freestanding in the room, taking up a portion of the available floor space. A tall wine fridge like this can also store upwards of 200 bottles, giving you the opportunity to build a gloriously big wine collection.

This can look great, and for many people it is more than enough. However, there are other options that can free up that floor space and really make your kitchen ‘pop’. Here’s the first option that you may not have considered: a wine cooler for your kitchen island! It looks really stylish and super modern.

If you have the space for a kitchen island, or have one already, there’s a great opportunity to combine this with your wine cooler. You may be able to redesign an existing island to create space for your wine cooler. This can be integrated into the island or can be positioned freestanding within a space on the island that has a nearby power source. If you want to create a kitchen island to house your wine cooler, this may be quite expensive but will look amazing for your kitchen. If you have the budget fro it, a small wine fridge that is integrated in the kitchen island makes a great wine and beer fridge for ‘ready-to-go’ wines – put in there for entertaining for easy access. Your wider collection can be stored elsewhere in a freestanding wine fridge.

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Another option is a wine cooler for your kitchen cabinets. This style is standard for an integrated wine cooler. But have you considered adopting this style for your freestanding cooler? As long as you have the space between existing cabinets, you can place your freestanding model here and source a matching cabinet door to cover the front (if this is what you want to do). You also have the option to keep it open to the room and not install the door, that choice is entirely up to you! Bear in mind that for an under counter wine fridge that is freestanding, it may not always have the necessary ventilation already considered. Whereas a built in wine cooler will.

Is the Garage the Best Place for My Wine Cooler?

If you don’t have a huge amount of space in your kitchen, or don’t think that the wine cooler would complement the style of the room, you could look for a wine cooler for your garage. The garage is a great option for a number of reasons, so let’s have a look at these.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garage that adjoins to your house, then you open yourself up to a number of options for positioning your wine cooler. Generally, people tend to have more available floor space in their garage than in their kitchen. Now, if you do have the available floor space then you can opt for a freestanding wine cooler and find a suitable location with easy access to position it in. A large wine cooler should fit your entire collection and then some. If it doesn’t, then maybe you should start considering an entire wine cellar.

If you have worktops in your garage, you can choose a freestanding under-counter wine cooler. This will keep your floor space available whilst keeping your bottles discreetly within reach. A third option for your garage is to select an integrated model and install this within an existing cabinet, or between appliances, within the room. Installing a built in wine cooler in this way helps to keep the design and look of your kitchen undisturbed, sleek and seamless.

It isn’t uncommon to find other appliances such as a fridge or freezer located within the garage, and the wine cooler can be a great addition to this look. It’s a fantastic way to utilise the space you have in your garage. If you do opt for the garage and your garage is often open to the world, then make sure that you find a wine cooler suitable for outdoor use as being open to the elements can take its toll on an appliance that isn’t built to withstand this.

Is My Utility Room the Best Place for My Wine Cooler?

If you have a utility room, this is a great option to place your wine cooler. The utility room is a common location to place other various appliances such as fridges, freezers, washing machines, and sometimes even dishwashers. Why not include a wine cooler on this list?

If you regularly host events or dinner parties at your house, placing your wine cooler in your utility room gives you the option to keep your kitchen space free for those times you aren’t requiring the use of your cooler. If you’re not a big fan of how it may look out in your kitchen then this a good choice too. for example, if your kitchen is designed to look like a rustic farmhouse kitchen, then a modern wine refrigerator may infringe on that intention. Keeping it smuggled away in a utility room is an easy workaround – if you have one.

On top of this, it’s important to know that the wine cooler fridge function is also great for chilling beer. So, if you are hosting an event and want to place your wine and beer fridge somewhere accessible to everyone that isn’t likely to get too busy (i.e. the kitchen) – what better place than your utility room?

If you have worktops in place in your utility room then you also have the option to install your wine cooler under-counter to keep your floor space available.

Is the Larder the Best Place for My Wine Cooler?

If you only need a small wine cooler for five to seven bottles, then you could discreetly position this within your larder, if you have one! This is a useful option as it keeps your kitchen floor space available whilst allowing you to keep your bottles within arm’s reach. It is possible to integrate a wine cooler within a larder but the common option is to use a freestanding model as this allows for easy re-positioning. A small wine fridge in the larder is a fantastic workaround (for the reasons that you may not want your wine fridge in the kitchen as we’ve discussed) for those that don’t have the options of a garage or utility room to put it in.If you aren’t sure where the best place to position your wine cooler is before you buy it, don’t worry! Work on finding your perfect model and then decide which room it will suit the best. If you know that you are limited in kitchen space, then try exploring these other options. We always recommend positioning it in a number of locations to find which one works best for you; our advice is to keep the following three criteria in mind when deciding where to put your cooler: space, convenience, safety.

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