Why Use a Wine Cooler?

Red wine being poured into a glass at the table

If you fancy yourself as a sommelier, then you need to consider getting a wine cooler. Not everyone is able to build themselves a fancy cellar for their wine or if you have a family to feed, it’s hard to fit all your wine in the fridge.

If you need some reasons to take the plunge and get a wine refrigerator involved in your kitchen set-up, we’re here to tell you exactly why you should. If you’re serious about your wine and want to take our collection to the next level, then read on.

When to Buy a Wine Cooler

If you regularly have more than between 10 and 20 bottles of wine in your home at one time, you should start to consider getting a wine fridge. If you have some bottles of wine that you intend to age, then you should definitely consider getting a wine fridge. Temperatures in the UK do not lend themselves to storing wine.

Why Buy a Wine Cooler?

There’s a number of reasons why a wine cooler is a good investment. If none of these appeal to you, then you may be okay carrying on with your current solution or going even bigger and building a wine cellar. But here are the three main reasons why using a wine cooler is beneficial:

  • Optimise your wine collection – A wine cooler is a good investment for the reason that it has been built. It exists so you can store your wine at the ideal temperature for preserving its flavour and characteristics. It’s kept at a constant temperature, won’t be affected by people opening the door looking for food and has humidity control and stability.
  • Convenience – Instead of eating into valuable fridge space, a separate wine cooler will keep all your bottles in one place. If you get a freestanding model, then you can put in anywhere in the home. You could even put it next to your bed if you wanted. Bring it outside for parties, put it under a kitchen counter, the choice is yours.
  • Low cost and maintenance – compared to wine cellars and refrigerators, wine coolers are the cheapest way to store your wine and also the lowest maintenance.

For most people who have an interest in collecting and aging wine, but also drink it rather than stockpiling, a wine cooler is the best way to get the most out of your collection. They’re also better for the environment than fridges and if you incorporate them into the design of your kitchen, can help make your kitchen look stunning. A slimline wine cooler that’s built in is a great kitchen feature for example. As is a large freestanding wine cooler, and with a tall wine cooler you have the potential to store upwards of 200 bottles.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Wine Fridge

There are some things you should definitely have a think about making the decision to purchase a wine cooler.

Futureproof your cooler – If you’re shopping for a wine cooler, don’t just go for one that will fit your current collection. Think about how big your collection could be and try to make sure your wine cooler will accommodate that. A tall wine fridge will be much more conducive to building a large wine collection with some of the best freestanding wine coolers coming with storage space for hundreds of bottles.

Noise – Some wine coolers will make noise as they run. Make sure that you consider this when you think about where you are putting it. If you, say, live in a small apartment and want to put it in your kitchen, you may want to consider getting an integrated model that doesn’t make much noise. Look for slimline wine coolers that can squeeze into most kitchens, no matter how strapped for space it is.

Decide your layout – Do you want to be able to have multiple temperature zones? Factor this into your decision and figure out whether it would be best for your collection. Dual zone wine refrigerators are very popular with our customers for the improved storage options.

Location – If you’re getting an integrated wine cooler, you need to know where it’s going to go. If you’re going freestanding, then you need to consider the same, but you have much more options and leeway.

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Is Wine Good For You?

If you don’t think you should get a wine cooler because your wine collection doesn’t warrant one, we’re going to give you some reasons to buy more wine. Before we go any further, the health benefits associated with wine are achieved by moderate use of wine. Please drink responsibly.

Some of the associated health benefits of wine are:

  • Increased lifespan
  • Improved fertility
  • Reduced risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Good for your teeth
  • Wards off bed bugs
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Reduces insulin resistance for diabetics

Again, let us reiterate that this is true of moderate drinkers. Moderate consumption is recognised as one medium glass of wine a day for women and two medium glasses for men.

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