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13 of the Best Kitchen Gadgets

Guest blog by EVE HITCHENS

We all know that a few good kitchen gadgets can turn cooking dinner from a long slog to a speedy set-up. Wasting time slowly chopping, and washing up after a long day at work can make cooking a pain rather than a joy. Here we have compiled a quick list so that you don’t waste time scrolling through all of the available kitchen gadgets on Amazon, instead, we’ll point you to the most useful kitchen gadgets in the UK. With these must-have kitchen gadgets, you can streamline your time spent in the kitchen and make more time to sit back and enjoy the food that you’ve made!

1. Franke Box Center Sink

Firstly the Box Center Sink is a sleek design that combines, chopping boards, knives and washing up in one location. Streamlining the cooking process into one tidy place. Including chopping boards, a knife set, a strainer, a food prep platter and a wire rack you can have all of your kitchen implements in one place. If you’re thinking of kitchen gadget gifts this is perfect for someone who has a small kitchen. The brushed stainless steel finish makes a stylish addition.

Madoline Vegetable Chopper

2. Mandoline Vegetable Chopper

For only £29.18 this 15 in one vegetable slicer is ideal if you’re sick of all of the tedious chopping that goes into cooking. Recently having gone viral on TikTok this handy gadget makes slicing your vegetables a seconds-long task! Simply grate the veg along the blade and into the box, this slices, dices, grates and grinds. It even has an egg separator included! Try making waffle fries with the wavy slicer, or dicing an onion in one go.

3. Mountain Grillers Meat Claws

If you love puled pork and are the King or Queen of the grill these are a must have for your inventory. Rather than wasting time slowly pulling the meat apart with a fork get it from grill to table in minutes with these meat claws. Made especially for shredding meat these £10.43 claws will take your grill game to the next level.

4. AEG Maxi-Grill Maxisense Plancha Grill for Induction Hobs

At £179 the AEG Maxi-Grill is perfect for continuing barbequing even in rainy weather. If your kitchen has an induction hob this is the gadget for you. Simply place on top and grill away! This is also great for making a Full-English breakfast from home, eggs sausages and bacon can all be fried at the same time!

5. Joie Avocado Storage Pod

Everyone’s new favourite vegetable, avocados, has one fatal flaw: they go brown and off so quickly when they’ve been cut open! This is no longer a problem with this Joie Avocado Storage Pod. The left over half fits into this specially shaped pod and with an airtight seal it keeps the avocado half fresh and green ready for another day.

6. Smeg Retro Stand Mixer

The SMEG Retro Stand Mixer at £389 is more than a handy kitchen gadget it is an absolute necessity. Any baker knows that the best cakes are made in a mixer. Make the best meringues, bread and frosting that you ever had and elevate you’re baking with this stand mixer, plus the adorable retro design will look amazing in your kitchen.

7. Brifit Mini Bag Sealer

Keep your snacks fresh with this £8.99 bag sealer. This gadget heat up acting like a small pair of straighteners and allows you to completely reseal a plastic bag. No more stale crisps or bread! Magnetic and small this gadget can be stored on your fridge out of the way. This wireless device is so handy and compact and will help your family avoid food waste.

8. Quooker CUBE Filtered Chilled And Sparkling Water Tap Accessory

Bring a taste of European holidays into your kitchen with this Quooker Cube kitchen gadget. Simply attach it to your sink straight from the tap filtered, chilled and sparkling water! This gadget also filters water for fresh water straight from the tap.

9. Smeg Retro Hand Blenders

Autumn is well and truly the season for soup and the best way to make it is in the SMEG Retro Hand Blender. For £149 this is the best for making sauces, soups as well as whisking and mashing! With all of the different appliances attaching to the same pot you can avoid a mess or filling your cupboards with lots of bulky appliances, instead, this has everything you need in one place.

10. Spoccolife Kitchen Wrap Organiser

Tidy your draws with this joint dispenser and cutter for clingfilm, kitchen foil or parchment paper. This keeps the rolls tidy in your draw as well as making the tricky job of neatly ripping off a section easy. For only £25.99 this will be a great addition to your kitchen.

11. Smeg Citrus Juicer

Does fresh orange juice every morning sound like something for you? Then you need this stylish SMEG Citrus Juicer. For £149 this easy to clean, use and maintain machine makes for a handy kitchen gadget which can elevate your morning. This makes a perfect kitchen gadget gift for the juice lover in your life!

12. Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer

Everyone’s new favourite appliance is the air fryer, providing a healthier way of making delicious chips, fish cakes, chicken wings and much more. These handy devices also use less energy than an oven making them a great purchase this year at only £328. (Other models are available from £70+.)

13. Samsung Jet Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Finally, save time on tidying up the kitchen with the Samsung Jet Bot Hoover. Simply set off the robot hoover and watch as it plans its route, avoids objects and empties and charges itself! Hoovering will be off of your To-Do List forever! Surely this is one of your must have kitchen gadgets.

With any of these must have kitchen gadgets you’ll find your time in the kitchen completely transformed as the most tedious tasks are made into quick work!

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