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Washing Machines & Dryers: Siemens Technology Explained…

Siemens washing machines and tumble dryers are some of the most reliable on the market. They offer state-of-the-art-technology whilst keeping up with competitors on luxurious, stylish designs. But what makes their laundry products so special? We’re looking into the unique features Siemens have invented and how they make your life easier.

A little bit about Siemens…

For over 165 years Siemens have been a global powerhouse of German Excellence engineering. They provide world leading technology to industries such as energy, telecommunications, healthcare and infrastructure. Founded in 1847 by Werner von Siemens and Johann Georg Halske, their first invention used a needle to point to a sequence of letters instead of using regular morse code! Since the founding of it’s first workshop in Germany, the company has exploded into an innovator of new and time-saving products, including everything from high-speed trains to wind power generators. Siemens are a world-renowned household name, so there’s no wonder they invent features that keep the everyday household in mind…


sensoFresh is Siemens’s solution to a quick turnaround on smelly clothes. With no need for water or detergent, this cycle is a great feature for a busy household that’s constantly on the go. Its ideal for delicate clothes such as silk, cashmere and wool, as there’s no need for harsh chemicals. The sensoFresh cycle will give you fresh smelling clothes every time, even on strong smells such as barbeques, garlic and tobacco. And with the cycle taking from 30 to 45 minutes, your favourite jumper will be ready to wear in no time!

FAQ: How does sensoFresh remove odours?

Answer: The sensoFresh cycle creates and uses active oxygen within the cycle to refresh your clothes. Science!


Do you ever feel like your clothes sometimes come out smelling worse than before? drumClean will keep that from happening. This smart alert system notifies you every 20 washes that you need to run the drumClean programme. Simply run the Drum Clean programme without any laundry, with half the amount of detergent you normally use (to prevent foaming) and your washing machine will be like brand new!

FAQ: How will it let me know to run the drum cycle?

Answer: There is a little indicator lamp on the washing machine interface that will flash, meaning you should run the drumClean programme.


Home Connect is a big feature of Siemens’s appliances. This handy app will make you feel like you’re living in the future! Connect your chosen appliance, or appliances, to the app and set yourself free from the pain of manual washing. You can use it to remotely start your laundry load, or you can pause it if you’re not going to be home in time to put it on the washing line. It’ll also help you figure out what cycle is best for you; simply tell Home Connect what’s in your laundry drum and find out what’s the best programme for you.

FAQ: Is Home Connect free? Is it difficult to install?

Answer: Home Connect is free from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. It’s not difficult to install at all! Just follow this easy guide on Youtube.


The autoStain removal system, or ASR for short, gets the toughest stains out with no hassle. Think grass, coffee, red wine, blood—all of your worst stain enemies can be eliminated with just the touch of a button. Siemens have created sixteen designated stain options that are available to optimise your wash, so you can target those pesky stains directly and effectively!

FAQ: What are the sixteen types of stains it targets?

Answer: The stains are baby food, blood, egg, strawberry, soil & sand, grass, coffee, cosmetics, orange, red wine, chocolate, sweat, dirty socks, grease & oil, tea, tomatoes.


Sometimes a two or three hour washing cycle isn’t convenient in modern life. If you’re short on time, speedPack allows you to cut the cycle in half. The Speedpack comes with a variety of options, so you can choose what you need according to your schedule. The PowerSpeed 59 option will get you the best result in under an hour. Whereas the Super15/30 setting will clean your laundry in just 15 to 30 minutes!

FAQ: Is SpeedPack a feature only on washing machines?

Answer: Not at all! There are speedPack features on Siemens’s dryers and washer dryer models. Get super fast drying with the 40 minute speedPack drying cycle!


One of the worst things about washing (apart from doing it!) is turning around and finding out there’s a sock or shirt that escaped the washing basket! Siemens have found a solution for that. The reload function allows you to stop mid-wash to add any forgotten items. You’ll never wash just one sock again.

FAQ: Can I always add or remove laundry?

Answer: No, not always. If you want to add or remove something, simply press the start/pause button and it will flash to let you know that it’s checking if laundry can be added. If the lock indicator stays, it means that unfortunately the temperature or water level is too high!


One of the most common problems with your average washing machine are the unnecessary loud noises! Siemens have put a lot of research and development into reducing the noise of their appliances. Siemens use a combination of their iQDrive, the antiVibration walls and automatic stabilization sensors to reduce the amount of noise that come from the machine itself.

FAQ: How do the antiVibration sensors work?

Answer: The antiVibration sidewalls detect the size of your laundry load, then the antiVibration design adjusts the balance of the drum. Even at the highest speeds, there will be a minimal amount of noise.


Saving water and detergent saves you time and energy. The Intelligent Dosing System automatically gives you precise dosing, so you’ll save detergent in the long run. Depending on your chosen programme, the i-Dos system will dispense the optimum amount of detergent and softner according to weight and soiling of your clothes. This prevents your clothes from fading, but still keeps them as fresh as a daisy.

FAQ: Can I still add my laundry liquid manually?

Answer: Yes, there are certain programmes that require you to add the detergent. You can also turn off the i-Dos system if you want to be in complete control!

Wash Smarter with Siemens! 🧼

Whether it’s saving you 10ml of laundry detergent or controlling your wash from the comfort of your bed, Siemens features are all designed to make your life easier. Their products are smart, reliable and pretty. Choosing the Siemens brand isn’t a difficult choice to make. Browse Siemens washing machines right here, or call one of our salesmen on 0115 965 1793 and they’ll be able to tell you exactly what model you need.

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