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How Much Coffee Do They Drink on the Death Star

Considering the amount of around-the-clock work that goes into maintaining the Death Star, we figured it must be hard for the Stormtroopers to keep motivated, let alone stay awake! Let’s face it, Darth Vader isn’t going to let them take a day off.

With the back and forth of Darkside-ing and repeat attacks from the rebellion, we’d expect the crew of the Death Star to have some form of caffeinated beverages to keep them on their toes. This is what leads us to believe that the Stormtroopers must be constantly wired on coffee!

So, now you’re wondering “but, they’re in space? How do they have access to coffee?” Well, we’ve done some research into the Death Star (we found some pretty grim stuff!) and we’re now able to give you the answers that you must be craving!

There are approximately 1,161,293 Stormtroopers on board the galactic superweapon, and, when comparing this to the US daily average of coffee consumption, the crew members get themselves through over 2.4 million cups of caffeine per day!

Luckily, the Death Star cantina is more than capable of keeping up with the coffee demand, as comparing this to the US coffee shops per population density, the Death Star holds 160 coffee shops. This large figure is made up of 96 independent shops, 41 Starbucks’ and 24 Dunkin’ Donuts.

We hope the coffee machines are able to keep with the obviously high demand!

How Do They Take Their Coffee on the Death Star?

The majority of coffee drinkers on the Death Star have their coffee on the dark side, which is no surprise! And, given that there can’t be much in the way of heating, (after all, they’re all pretty cold-hearted) some like their coffee iced, too!


How Do They Drink Coffee in Space?

Obviously, a space cup.

In zero-gravity, how would the Stormtroopers do the majority of the things that they do on a daily basis if they didn’t have some super cool system that adds gravity to the space station?


What’s the Best Coffee in the Empire?

Emperor Palpatine actually owns farms on various planets that grow coffee beans. Given that the Emperor has grown these, or the Stormtroopers that work him, we imagine he’ll be drinking coffee made from his own coffee beans. For taste, we imagine this coffee to be dark and mysterious, something similar to a coffee from Brazil!


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