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Our Ultimate Christmas Kitchen


Christmas is looming. Mariah Carey and Michael Buble are defrosting as we speak, prepared to annoy you every day of December (and let’s face it, most of November too). Don’t let Christmas bog you down this year, get prepared well in advance! Take a look at exactly what appliances we’d use to make Christmas 2021 a day to remember…

The Range Cooker – Rangemaster Nexus

Cooking on Christmas day is a true sport, it might as well be in the Olympics. You’ve got to be quick, organised and have the forethought to not forget the Yorkshire puddings again. Whether you cook as part of a team or you’re an absolute maniac and do it by yourself, there’s no doubt having a Range Cooker by your side will make everything easier. Our choice of Range Cooker is this Nexus Induction Range cooker.

It’s big, it’s flexible and it’s packed with Turkey cooking power. It has two large capacity ovens, a five zone induction hob, a grill and a slow cooker. If you’re not a Turkey lover, and prefer beef as your Christmas day meat, the slow cooker will give you perfectly succulent and tender beef every single time.

There’s a handy pull-out rack in the multi-function oven, which means less annoying burns trying to get your dishes out. And on the induction hob, there’s two cooking zones which can be combined together to create one large one. This is perfect for when all the roast vegetables are done. You can keep them warm in one long dish, ready for placing on the table.

There are so many reasons why the Rangemaster Nexus is perfect for Christmas, why not come to our showroom to find out for yourself.

If you’re not a fan of range cookers, a built in oven and hob combo should do the trick. Double ovens are compact but packed with cooking power. They might not have the magnificence of a range cooker, but a double oven and hob combo works well as a team to get you a truly tasty Christmas day meal.

The Oven – Bosch Built In Double Oven

This Bosch Built In Double Oven features 3D Hot Air in the main oven, which circulates hot air across all levels, ensuring that everything is crisped perfectly. Get crispy potatoes, crunchy Yorkshire puddings and tender vegetables all at the same time—all packed with their own fantastic flavour.

The top oven features a 34 litre capacity and can be used as either a conventional oven or a grill. So it’s perfect for keeping food warm, and for reheating roast potatoes at 10pm on Christmas day when you’re feeling snacky.

It also features EcoClean Catalytic liners so it’s not a pain to clean up after. They turn away any unwanted food mess through specific enamel contents of the liners, but we won’t bore you with the details. Just know that if you accidentally spill some sauce, or hot oil spits from the meat, there’s no mess to worry about after.

The Hob – AEG MaxiSense Induction Hob

The ultimate flexible hob, similar to the Nexus induction top, but a bit more intuitive. There’s a rapid 1 minute power boost setting that heats up super-fast. Great for when you realise you forgot to pop the carrots onto boil! This hob adapts to the size of your pots and pans, meaning all that power is going directly into cooking your food. It cooks thoroughly, but is also super energy efficient!

Bring the power of two zones into one. With this hob you can bridge the zones to create one mega zone. So if you have a pescatarian meal on Christmas day, you could bridge the zones to use a rectangular fish skillet. You’ll feel like a true chef!

Laundry – Haier Washer Dryer

Laundry is not your first thought on Christmas day. It’s something that slips your mind. But when you need to get the napkins clean and dry in time, or you need to wash your hostess-with-the mostess-dress on Christmas Eve—having the best washer dryer will help you out loads.

The combination of a large washer dryer really does make everything easier. Once it’s clean, you don’t have to wait a whole day for it to dry on the line. The large 10kg capacity of this Haier model is perfect for that post-Christmas day wash.

Cranberry sauce on a tea towel, red wine on mum’s favourite scarf, gravy on the best Christmas day table cloth. You won’t have to worry about stains, as this Haier Washer Dryer will give you a professional clean in no time.

The Fridge – Samsung American Style

One of the necessary parts of Christmas day is making sure your fridge is stocked to the high heavens! Prosecco, scotch eggs, cheese board, Christmas ice cream, whatever you fancy—it’s got to be perfectly chilled. And you can’t be messing around playing fridge Jenga! That’s why we recommend this Samsung American Style Fridge Freezer.

It’s great value, with a massive 635 litre capacity and a plumbed in ice and water dispenser. It’s got 4 shelves, 5 door shelves and 2 veg crisper drawers. A fantastic amount of space for even the largest family on the busiest Christmas day.

It’s got a PowerCool & PowerFreeze function too, so when you need to do that last minute rush to Tesco’s, you can cool down the defrosting groceries in double time. Spacious and cool, you know you can rely on this Samsung Fridge Freezer for all your Christmas day needs.

You could upgrade to this Samsung Family Hub Model if you wanted more from your fridge freezer. It has a multi-media touch screen on the front, use it for notes, recipes, music, shopping list, phone calls and so much more. Most importantly, you can look inside your fridge compartment. No need to let all the precious cold air out, simply knock and see exactly what you need.

There’s our list of great appliance buys if you’re thinking about updating your kitchen before Christmas day. Get a great deal in time for Christmas with our free delivery and multibuy options. If you’re thinking about Christmas gifts, why not get them a matching set…

Small Appliance Christmas Gifts…

Why not get them something that will last this Christmas? A smashing combo set of small appliances are sure to impress. The Smeg retro drip coffee maker has a 10 cup capacity and a removable reusable coffee filter. Perfect for any coffee lover! And the matching blender will make a statement on the kitchen side, ideal for a creamy smoothie or a refreshing summer drink. Complete in the signature Smeg retro style, this set is the perfect high-end gift for someone who loves their kitchen!

Similar to the Smeg set, this KitchenAid set is ideal for an avid baker and kitchen experimenter. The mini-tilt stand mixer is incredibly reliable, and blends tough ingredients together perfectly. So if your chosen recipient loves to whip up cookies, make tarts and create incredible dough, this is the perfect gift for them. Combine it with the KitchenAid artisan blender and you’re onto a winner! This blender will definitely add a pop of colour to their kitchen. And it will make blending the easiest thing on the planet!

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