Refrigeration Appliance Jargon Explained

American Style

American style fridge freezers

This design features double doors that open from the middle outwards. They are inspired by American kitchen life and are often called ‘side by side’ or ‘double door’ fridge freezers.

French Style

A French style refrigerator has two doors on top that open outwards, with a single drawer, or a set of drawers for the freezer compartment below.

Plumbed In

Plumbed In means the refrigerator will need installing to a water supply, similar to your washing machine. It reduces the need for manual refilling of water for the water & ice maker.

Non Plumbed

Non plumbed refrigeration will require manual refilling of the water storage tank, or it might have no water and ice tank at all.

Ice & Water Dispenser

This feature means you will have ice and chilled water readily available. It is usually accessed via a small cavity on the outside of the refrigerator, or on the interior of integrated refrigerators.

Frost Free

Frost free technology keeps the appliance from building up ice and frost in both the freezer and fridge. This results in easier maintenance and no more manual defrosting!

Gross & Net Capacity

Gross capacity refers to the total amount of space inside your refrigerator. Whereas net capacity refers to the amount of produce that can fit within the shelves and moving parts as well.

Salad Crisper Drawers

The salad drawer is designed to prolong the freshness of fruits and vegetables in a fridge. The box design shuts air flow off, creating a better level of humidity for fruit and vegetables. Certain crisper drawers have more features and interactivity.

Freezer Rating

A freezer rating measures how consistently the freezer keeps power, and how long your frozen goods will last. A four star freezer rating is standard.

Super Freeze

A useful feature, super freeze rapidly decreases the temperature of the compartment for a short burst of time. This allows for semi defrosted produce to be re-frozen quickly.

Door Open Alarm

This indicates when a fridge freezer door has been left open for a long period of time, causing the interior temperature of the fridge or freezer to be compromised.

Climate Class

The climate class indicates the ambient temperature range a refrigerator can be kept in. The minimum being 4 degrees, maximum 43. This varies across continents, find out more here.


The fridge compressor is the beating heart of your fridge freezer/refrigerator. The compressor is what compresses and pumps the refrigerant liquid around the cooling system.

Reversible Door

A refrigerator with a reversible door is designed to fit into your space however you need it. You can swap the side of the door that opens to suit and maximise your space.

Ambient Temperature

This is the current air temperature, or the temperature that surrounds an object or piece of equipment such as an appliance. This is most important when concerning climate class rating.

Temperature Display

There will always be a temperature display in your fridge, whether manual or electronic. This is used to monitor and change the temperature according to your needs.

Anti-UV Glass

Most wine coolers come with this Anti-UV glass, which is essential for stopping light rays from going into your wine cabinet and causing deterioration of wines.

Temperature Zone

A zone which allows you to precisely control the temperature of your wine cooler. They can range from 2°C to 20°C and there can be multiple zones for different types of wines.

What is a refrigeration appliance?

Refrigeration appliances are vital in the kitchen as they keep all of your fresh and frozen goods preserved at their optimum temperature. From retro style fridges to spacious American style fridge freezers, we supply a wide variety of refrigeration appliances at the most competitive prices. Choose between freestanding or integrated refrigeration options to suit your kitchen style. Perhaps you’re looking for an under counter appliance to suit a smaller space? No problem! We stock under counter fridges and freezers from top refrigeration brands.

As well as an extensive range of American style fridge freezers, we also stock French style alternatives which have become increasingly popular. With a French style fridge freezer you can view all of your fresh produce at the top of the appliance and all of your frozen goods at the bottom as opposed to the classic side by side American design.

Refrigeration appliances don’t only preserve your fresh and frozen goods, wine coolers are also a fantastic addition to any kitchen! If you enjoy entertaining and appreciate a glass or two of the good stuff, then a wine cooler is certainly an appliance you should consider. Browse our collection of freestanding and integrated wine coolers in a variety of sizes and colours. For more information on any of our fridge freezers, wine coolers or American style fridge freezers please do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales team who will happily talk you through the best options to suit your kitchen.