Cooking Appliance Jargon Explained

Gas Cooker

Gas cookers and hobs are fuelled by certain types of gas. Gas provides an easy to manage, instant heat and is recognisable by a distinct blue flame. 

Electric Cooker

Electric cookers and hobs are powered by electricity. Whether it’s in the oven or on the hob, electric heat gives even heat that’s great for browning food.

Dual Fuel

Dual fuel cookers combine the best of both worlds. Get the instant heat of a gas hob, with the power of an electric cooker. Perfect for professional level results. 


lpg jet kits

Liquid petroleum gas. For those who don’t have the convenience of mains gas, LPG provides an alternative for gas cooking. Use an LPG kit to convert your appliance. 


ceramic cooking appliance

Ceramic hobs have a layer of ceramic glass on top. They heat up faster than their induction counterpart but remain heated after use. They are streamlined and very easy to clean.


induction appliance

An induction hob sends heat directly to the pan, rather than to the hob ring itself. They’re responsive, energy efficient and easy to clean and use. You need to use specific pans with an induction hob.

Pyrolytic Cleaning

pyrolytic cleaning

This method of oven cleaning using incredibly high temperatures to safely burn away any grease stains and splatters. Once this process has finished, you can wipe away the ash with ease.

Catalytic Liners

These liners absorb and oxidize grease stains at high temperatures, so the oven will clean away any messes whilst you’re cooking.

Enamel Liners

An enamel liner is a smooth coating that prevents food and grease from sticking to the inside of your oven, making it easy to wipe away any residue with a damp cloth.

Built In Double Oven

Built in double ovens are designed to fit into a tall housing unit. Most models have a large main oven and smaller secondary oven. Mix and match your cooking style.

Built Under Oven

Built under ovens fit neatly under a worktop or countertop. This gives you the flexibility of two ovens whilst maintaining as much kitchen space as possible. 

Built In Single Oven

A built in single oven can fit beneath the worktop or countertop, as well as in a tall housing unit with a matching appliance such as a microwave, steam oven or coffee machine.

Multifunction Oven

A multifunction oven gives you a plethora of cooking programmes to choose from. Simply select which programme suits your meal best and let the oven do the work.

Fan Oven

Powered by a fan, these fan ovens help evenly distribute heat across the whole of your oven. Meaning everything is cooked evenly, no matter what level your food is on.

Steam Oven

A steam oven uses a combination of steam and hot air to lock in moisture, flavour and nutrients in food. Simply fill up the water tank, choose the steam function and be prepared for nutritious food.

Sous Vide

sous vide cooking

Sous vide means “under vacuum” in French. This method uses vacuum sealed bags which heat to a precise temperature, which preserves flavour and cooks food to perfection. Expect restaurant quality results with sous vide!


A microwave oven cooks food via high frequency electromagnetic waves called microwaves. The heating occurs inside the food, rather than warming the whole cavity, greatly reducing cooking time.

Combi Oven

Combination microwaves use the power of microwave energy with the benefits of fan cooking and, or steam cooking. This makes cooking your food quicker, easier and potentially healthier than ever before.

Domino Hob

A domino is a single, or half sized hob. They can be any fuel type, and can even provide specialist cooking methods such as deep-fat frying, Tepan Yaki or powerful wok burner.

Griddle or Hotplate

Griddles sit easily on top of your hob (either gas or electric). They can either have a smooth (sometimes known as a hotplate) or raised surface, providing sear marks similar to a BBQ. They are most often made from cast iron.

Telescopic Rails

telescopic rails

These rails come attached to oven walls, so the tray or rack glides out easily. This is ideal for heavier items as they’re fully extendable, and allow for easy access to check on your cooking.

What is a cooking appliance?

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