Laundry Appliance Jargon Explained

Spin Speed

Spin speed is how many revolutions per minute your washing machine does. The higher the spin, the faster the washing machine drum spins your clothes around. Spin speeds affect how well your washing machine cleans certain types of fabrics.

Delay Timer

A delay timer sets your wash programme to activate when you choose it too. Different models have different levels at which you can set your delay.

Transit Bolts

Transit bolts keep the washing machine drum in place whilst travelling. It prevents any damage to the interior of the washing machine, however they need to be removed before home use to prevent any damage.

Drum Volume

In the UK, drum capacity is measured in kg. This determines the size of the load you can put in the washing machine and, or tumble dryer. They range from 7kg to 15kg.

Auto Dose

An auto dose washing machine automatically measures the amount of detergent needed according to the load of the drum. It also puts it in the machine at the optimum time.

Brushless Motor

These types of washing machine motors produce less noise, are more energy efficient and wear less over time. They doesn’t have carbon brushes, which means less noise. Useful if you’ve got an open plan kitchen and living room.


Delicate clothes are fabrics that can be fully or partially destroyed by harsh products or hot temperatures in a washing machine. These fabrics include: lace, silk, wool, knitted items and cashmere.

Rubber Seal (gasket)

The rubber gasket is the grey ring that is between the laundry machine drum and door. It seals the machine tightly to ensure no water drips from the door. These should be cleaned regularly.

Drain Filter

The drain filter is located in the lower left hand corner of the washing machine. This small filter collects any excess detergent, lint and anything else inside your washing machines grey water.

Front Loading & Top Loading

Frontloading machines have the door on the (you guessed it) front, as well as no agitator and paddles on the side of the drum. With top loading machines, clothes go in the top, most models have an agitator and they’re more often used commercially.

Pause Function

This laundry feature means you can stop the cycle at 75% of the time, allowing you to open the door and add items to the rest of the cycle. And restart it at your convenience.

Add Item

Adding an item is a modern feature of many laundry appliance models. Similar to pause function, however there is usually a compartment in the door that allows you to put the clothes directly into the cycle.

Pre Wash

This cycle is designed for heavily soiled clothes. It loosens any dirt and debris on the fabric through filling the drum with water and doing a short spin. Great for families with kids or messy jobs.

Stacking Kit

This is a laundry accessory that allows you to stack a tumble dryer on top of a washing machine. It absorbs any vibrations from the machines and gives you a small amount of storage space.

Heat Pump Dryer

Heat pump dryers conserves and reuses the hot air used to dry clothes. They’re cheaper to run, better for the environment, however they take 50% longer to run a cycle that will dry your clothes.

Vented Dryer

This type of tumble dryer removes water from your clothes and expels it outside your home via a long hose and an external vent. They aren’t particularly energy efficient.

Condenser Dryer

A condenser dryer removes the moisture from your clothes and stores it in a removable tank. You will need to empty this tank after every dry cycle. Perfect if you can’t vent the moisture.


An agitator is a mechanism that initiates motion by shaking or stirring. These aren’t found in washing machines for home use, more often found in top loading washing machines.

What is a Laundry Appliance?

A laundry appliance is designed to assist you with washing or drying your clothes. We supply a whole host of laundry appliances from top brands that will help tackle the never ending washing piles, and take the hassle out of drying your favourite clothes. If you need a hard working washing machine with a large capacity for busy family life, we supply 15kg and 12kg models that will do just that. We also have a great selection of integrated washing machines that will seamlessly blend into your kitchen or laundry room if you prefer to keep your appliances out of view.

Tumble dryers are certainly a handy laundry appliance to have. Save time and effort manually drying your clothes and invest in a tumble dryer to get you through those cold, wet winter months. There are two drying types, condenser and vented. A condenser tumble dryer can be used anywhere as they don’t need to drain water externally, whereas a vented dryer does. There are pros and cons to both types of tumble dryer, find out more in our useful guide.

Perhaps you’re low on space but still want the use of both appliances? In this case, a washer dryer is the solution for you! A washer dryer saves you time and space which is ideal in a busy home. There are plenty of functions and features to choose from to ensure you still get the very best out of your laundry every time. We supply both freestanding and integrated options to suit every space.

Provided you have the space, another option to opt for is a washer dryer pack. These commercial sized appliance packs are top loading and offer larger than average capacities which is useful when you regularly wash lots of laundry, particularly bulkier items. For help and advice on the best laundry appliances to suit your home, give our friendly and knowledgeable sales team a call on 0115 965 1937.