Reasons To Buy a Chimney Hood

So, why would you want to buy a chimney hood? With so many different types of cooker hood available, what reasons are there to choose a chimney hood over the others. Well, we’re going to go through them so you can be more informed and sure whether a chimney hood is right for you, or if one of our other types of cooker hood in our Extraction section would be better suited to your kitchen.


First of all, a chimney hood offers a very classic design that we see in kitchens and up and down the country. They represent some of the most classic cooker hood designs and can be installed into most kitchens without too much disruption to the general feel of the room. 

Not only that, but as they come in varied designs, there’s a chimney hood out there to suit your kitchen no matter how modern or traditional it is. For example, our pyramid chimney hoods are a really classic option with farmhouse style. These go really well with classic range cookers. Whereas the angled, curved glass and flat designs are much more contemporary. They would look great on top of some ceramic or induction hobs for example.


As one of the most common type of cooker hoods out there, there are some really reasonably priced chimney hoods out there. If you want a more high-end model, then you’ve got that, if you’re less fussed about the specs and just want a classic cooker hood that’s going to get the job done, there’s plenty of those from top brands in our chimney hood section too. 

If you get one with a high energy rating, then this will help you save on your bills too!


Because chimney hoods are such a popular choice of cooker hood, there’s no shortage of people who are well-versed in installing them. This means you have a great choice of people to install it and not only that, but there’s a great amount of flexibility on where you can install it.

This is because chimney hoods come without ducting or can be ducted outside. They also can be built into a wall or freestanding. Whatever construction project you’re undertaking, there’s a chimney hood out there that will work for you. 

Which Brand Makes the Best Chimney Hoods? 

In our chimney hood range, we stock units from a host of market-leading brands. The question we get asked a lot is who makes the best chimney hoods and we’re sorry but there’s no one clear-cut answer to that.

We stock over 20 brands in our range of chimney hoods, and as we only stock units from brands that we can count on for quality, we can recommend any one of these brands with confidence. However, you’re looking for the best.

Whilst we can’t decisively tell you what the ‘best’ brand is, as their products will appeal to different people and different kitchens based on the circumstances, we can draw your attention to some of our most popular ranges and ones we certainly have a lot of faith in. They are:

All of these brands feature consistently throughout our ranges and are some of the leading manufacturers on the market, with consistent results and satisfaction across the board. 

Neff and Siemens are both German manufacturers who consistently keep the bar so high for their creations. Both of them have a rich history of making appliances that consumers can rely on and love, and their Chimney hoods are no different. They always display high standards of workmanship, sleek and modern style and performance you can rely on.

Our Rangemaster chimney hoods are the epitome of classic style and design. They naturally go so well with their Rangemaster Range Cookers, of which we stock a wide variety. With both traditional and contemporary shapes and creations, there’s a Rangemaster chimney hood for any kitchen.

Stove’s line of Chimney Hoods are supremely stylish. They look great and Stoves are known for their high functionality and consistent powerful performance. Elica, excerpts in extraction have some fantastic space-age chimney hoods up for grabs on our website, and cooker hoods is where they excel as a brand. Extraction has become known to be their specialism so you can be very sure you’re investing in quality. 

Check out our full selection of Chimney Hoods in our Extraction section. With so many different types of cooker hood available on our website, there really is something for everyone there. Shop from top brands and check out our ranges of hobs, range cookers and more in our Cooking section to pair your new chimney hood with!