Semi-Integrated Dishwasher Placement

If you’re going to be building your kitchen from scratch, or working on moving into an entirely new build, you have carte blanche on where to put your dishwasher. But be careful, there are some basic tenets and helpful tips to bear in mind when positioning your dishwasher. 

Whether you’re placing a semi-integrated dishwasher, a freestanding unit or a fully integrated dishwasher, the principles of placement remain the same.

If you already know exactly where your dishwasher belongs at home, then this article isn’t for you. If you’re placing one for the first time in a project, or thinking about a kitchen redesign, then take note of our expert advice.

Top Dishwasher Placement Tips

Here are the most important things to remember and keep in your mind when placing your dishwasher.

How Far From the Sink Should Your Dishwasher Be?

This is the dishwasher placement question we get asked the most. Your dishwasher needs to be connected to a water supply, and as such, should never be too far from your sink. The question is, how far?

Really, it shouldn’t be further than one cabinet space away from your sink. The standard is to go directly under, or either side of the sink. Putting it any further isn’t impossible, but you’ll have to expect extra cost and effort to connect it to your water supply.

This is because people generally load their dishwashers by scraping off any leftovers into a bin, which should also be next to or very close to your sink, rinsing and then loading. If the sink is nearby you don’t have to carry dripping dishes across the kitchen. 

If you’re going to put your dishwasher to the side of the sink, it’s likely you’re going to choose the side your previous dishwasher was on,a s you’re now accustomed to that layout. However, consider if you’re right-handed, it‘s likely to be easier to load you dishwasher if it’s on the left hand side of the sink and vice versa. This isn’t as important as the general proximity to the sink though. 

Consider the Distance To Your Storage

Another important part of the kitchen to have near your dishwasher is your storage. If the cupboard or drawer that you keep your pots, pans etc in is very close, then you’ll be able to unload your dishwasher much easier. A good rule of thumb is to have only one step’s distance between them, but this does entirely depend on how much room you have. Your cutlery and crockery drawers/cupboards should also be nearby.

How Far Does the Dishwasher Door Come Out?

You don’t want to box yourself in in your kitchen. Consider how much room there is to move around the kitchen and whether your dishwasher placement is going to affect that. 

It’s easy to think of layout for a kitchen, but you really need to visualise yourself using this space and ask yourself how the appliances fit into that. Will your dishwasher completely block walking space when it’s open? Is it a problem if it does? Will it open into a space where someone might be using a different appliance like your cooker?

Installing in a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a very good idea for installing a dishwasher into. Kitchen islands are growing in popularity, and generally this is where empty and dirty dishes can often end up in the kitchen. Naturally, a dishwasher built into it, or placed under will be a good choice. 

Think about what type of dishwasher you’re getting. Installing into a kitchen island means you can conceal your dishwasher even if it’s not a fully or semi integrated one, you can block it from view if someone was to be looking for another room for example. You will have to check if your plumbing allows for this. 

Consider Elevation

Do you suffer from a bad back? If you’re less mobile, or simply fed up of bending up and down for your dishwasher, consider installing your dishwasher into a tall cabinet. This is certainly a design niche in kitchens and of course, requires a tall cabinet. So, if you don’t already have one, you’ll have to determine whether you can get one.

If you’re working on a new project, then you can consider getting a tall cabinet installed. Having an elevated dishwasher definitely makes life easier, and in certain kitchens, their design lends themselves to having a tall cabinet to integrate appliances into. 

Separate Storage?

Do you have a utility room or pantry big enough to host your dishwasher? A popular, if expensive, trend in new builds and kitchens are walk-in or ‘butler’s pantries’ with a second sink in them. This can be a good option if you want to hide you dishwasher away completely. If you have an integrated dishwasher in a walk-in pantry for example, you won’t hear a single peep from it. This is useful if your kitchen is a key social room of the house. 

Wherever you put your dishwasher, make sure it;s set up for how you use it. You’ll probably see that people have done different things with their to you and that’s fine. As long as your dishwasher is set up so it suits you, then that’s all that matters!

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