What Are Canopy Hoods?

A cooker hood is essential to your kitchen. Ready and able to extract any odours, smells and moisture from your cooking, they serve a vital function in your kitchen alongside the other usual suspects, like your oven, hob, fridge etc. But there is a whole world of cooker hoods to explore, and there’s more than one type. 

At Appliance City, we stock a wide range of cooker hoods from top, market-leading brands. From your bread and butter chimney hoods, to dynamic space-age downdraft hoods built into your hob. 

In this article, we’re going to be talking specifically about canopy hoods: a type of extractor fan that we stock on our website. We carry canopy hoods from a wide range of brands and with high quality models available in our extraction section, we thought we’d explain what they actually are and how they work, as they’re a bit different to the conventional cooker hood that you would picture in your head. 

What is a Canopy Hood?

A canopy hood is a type of extractor fan. They’re designed to be fitted into things like a decorative canopy, chimney breast, wall units and so on. Instead of being an entire unit, it’s essentially just the extractor and light components from a regular cooker hood. They are installed on the underside of a cabinet, canopy etc and they blend seamlessly into the rest of the kitchen. 

It’s really good for those who don’t want a cooker hood that’s going to conflict with the design theme of the kitchen. Sometimes a separate cooker hood can stick out like a sore thumb in certain kitchens.

Or if you’ve meticulously planned cabinetry and storage for your kitchen and there’s just no cooker hood you can find that will match your choice of kitchen furniture , a canopy hood will just slot right under one of those cabinets and it’s all sorted. 

Similar to canopy hoods are telescopic hoods, which we have a selection of on our website. Telescopic hoods are essentially canopy hoods, except they can be extended out. Telescopic hoods help with those who are tight on space, and can be installed in a way that they are completely invisible in the kitchen until you extend them out of the cabinet they’re built into.

How Does a Canopy Hood Work?

There isn’t any difference in the way that a canopy hood works over a conventional cooker hood. It’s main difference is that the parts are different. So your traditional chimney cooker hood has, believe it or not, a chimney, whilst the canopy hood doesn’t. 

This doesn’t mean they can’t be ducted outside, it just means that they are for the purpose of being installed into chimney breasts that are being concealed. Your chimney breast may be just an empty cabinet on appearance, and the ‘chimney’ may just be some tubing.

So there’s no sorcery or magic at play, although that’s certainly what it looks like!

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