Which Brand Makes the Best Canopy Hoods?

Our high-quality Canopy Hoods range has units from over 15 different market-leading brands. We only stock appliances from top global brands that we can rely on to provide top-quality appliances for our customers. We therefore endorse and stand by all the brands in the section and encourage you to browse them all.

That being said, some brands are preferred by our customers and some crop up in consumer reviews again and again. We’re going to feature their ranges of canopy hoods below, as they make a good starting point to browse from if you’re looking for a new canopy hood for your kitchen. 

Are Elica Canopy Hoods Good?

Elica are specialists in extraction and cooker hoods are their forte. Founded almost 50 years ago, their primary products are cooker hoods, but they also sell induction hobs, and other specialist parts for cooker hoods and boilers. 

As a brand, Elica provide some of the widest choice in our cooker hoods section. So looking through their Canopy hoods, there’s already a fair amount of variety in that line. 

Perhaps the best thing about our Elica Canopy Hoods, is the price range. Very reasonably priced cooker hoods are up for sale here, and when you consider Elica are specialists in extraction, these prices aren’t too shabby at all. Make some important money savings and check out our range of Elica Canopy Hoods.

How Good are Neff Canopy Hoods?

Neff are consistently one of the top brands in all the ranges they provide products for. Known the world over for their high-quality appliances, Neff live up to their already lofty reputation in their range of canopy hoods. 

With a selection of canopy hoods on our website, you can get in touch with us for a price and we’d be happy to discuss it with you. There are certainly some budget-friendly options in our options, with some models clocking in at under £200. The most expensive is just over £700, so there’s plenty of variety in pricing. 

Neff have done enough in the consumer market that we don’t really need to explain why they’re a favourite of the market, their results speak for themselves. Check out our Neff Canopy Hoods.

Are Miele Canopy Hoods Any Good?

Miele are a German manufacturer with a rich heritage of providing some of the best appliances on the consumer market. They’re another brand that crop up in high regard in consumer reviews. They have a very worldwide operation and their brand name carries a lot of weight.

That famous German engineering has been implemented into their Canopy hoods, and their high standards haven’t faltered whatsoever in our collection of Miele Canopy Hoods. With clean design, and efficient performance, these are well worth a look. 

Some of our Miele Canopy Hoods do occupy the top end of the range with models commanding prices over £2,000. There are some more budget-friendly options if that’s beyond what you were planning on spending too, don’t worry!

Are Caple Canopy Hoods Good? 

British-based Caple are a fantastic manufacturer of quality appliances that have been winning over homeowners in their 22 years of business. With so many historical appliance manufacturers in the home market, some with over 150 years experience under their belt, any manufacturer who can get onto a level footing with them in a fraction of that time is worth a look.

Caple’s modern designs are sleek and stylish, and always make an aesthetic choice in your home. Not only do they look luxurious, high-quality and well designed but they perform that way too. 

Our Caple Canopy Hoods are ready for you to browse on our website with stellar designs, prices that suit any project and designs that are to die for.

Smeg Canopy Hoods – Are they worth it?

And finally, the last range of canopy hoods we want to make a special mention of is Smeg’s. Smeg are a design-forward brand whose stunning craftsmanship has given consumers all over the world appliances that are high-performing and are a super stylish addition to the home too. You might know them from their vintage fridges and fridge freezers.

Smeg are also in the extraction game too, making well designed and effective canopy hoods. With impressive extraction rates, good energy efficiency and reasonable prices they are definitely a good option for your kitchen.

You’ll have to get in touch for exact prices,but hey range from around £200 to £750, so they won’t break the bank and Smeg’s name carries a lot of weight in the appliance market when it comes to build quality, performance, reliability and design. Shop our range of Smeg Canopy Hoods to see what we mean!

The brands we stock are all populated with high-quality appliances. We only work with brands that keep our customers happy and there’s plenty of those in our extraction section. These well-known brands are a great place to start if you’re looking for a new canopy hood. With a wide range of price, there’s something for everyone in the ranges above. For more great-quality cooker hoods, check out all the different ranges we carry from Island Hoods to Downdraft Hoods, Chimney Hoods and everything in between, we have a wide range of styles available to suit your specific needs.

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