Reasons to Buy a Canopy Hood

If you’re trying to decide which cooker hood is going to be the best for your kitchen, we’re here to help. We stock a wide variety of cooker hoods on our website. Available in different styles, types and designs, they possess different qualities and attributes. 

So in this post, we’re going to go over why you would buy a Canopy Hood and the sort of kitchen that benefits most from this type. We’ll also briefly go over some of the best selling brands we stock so you can get a good idea of who’s making the best canopy hoods. 

Why Buy a Canopy Hood for Your Kitchen?

What makes a canopy hood a good choice for your kitchen? Well there are a few things about a canopy hood that make it stand out and give it a unique appeal. If there are certain things that you value in your kitchen, a canopy hood may just be the choice of extractor fan that allows you to enjoy those.


So canopy hoods are a popular choice amongst our design-minded customers. Because of their almost unparalleled integration capabilities, they’re often barely visible whatsoever. This allows for the integrity of clean lines in the kitchen. 

This isn’t appealing to everyone, some people want a distinct in chimney hood in a farmhouse kitchen kind of style. But if you want a kitchen unperturbed by the sometimes cumbersome design of cooker hoods, then a canopy hood is great way to hide an essential part of a functioning kitchen where it won’t disrupt the vision you have for the kitchen. 


Canopy hoods are favoured by people who are lacking in space. Because of their ease of integration, they can be built into existing cabinetry and don’t require as much space. This can make all the difference in some kitchen projects and if you’re tight on space, then definitely think about how a canopy hood could help.


Canopy hoods tend to come in cheaper than most other types of cooker hood. This isn’t an absolute rule, of course some canopy hoods will be more expensive than other types, but generally speaking they come in cheaper.

There’s less parts, less to install and so on, so they end up naturally having less expense involved. There’s options to suit any budget, but when you’re working on redesigning your kitchen or maybe you’re having to replace your extractor fan unexpectedly, that lower price can make all the difference.


Canopy hoods are an incredibly popular style of cooker hood, so there’s plenty of choice. This breadth of selection means that you can choose a canopy cooker hood that’s highly personalised and in tune with your specific needs. Whether you’re a stickler for extraction rates, most concerned about the design of the unit, or the most important thing to you is the energy efficiency of your cooker hood. Whatever it is you value most from your extractor fan, there’s enough choice in this category for you to ensure you buy the one that’s most suited to your needs.

No matter what you value the most in your kitchen, our line of Canopy Hoods represent an excellent purchasing decision for your kitchen. Browse our collections from a  variety of top, market-leading brands. We stock exclusively from manufacturers that we have come to rely on to provide satisfaction for our customers.

Shop our Canopy Hoods in our expansive Extraction section. With a wide range of different cooker hood styles on there, browse all our lines for some outstanding cooker hoods. 

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