Standard Cooker FAQs

Standard cookers feature an oven, grill and hob in a single unit. They can be powered using electricity, gas, or both (the latter of which is more commonly known as “dual fuel”). As a general rule a standard cooker will feature a single oven, a separate grill, and four hob burners. A range cooker might suit if you’re looking for something bigger.

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What Is the Best Brand for Standard Cookers?

With so many brands manufacturing standard cookers, it can be difficult to know where to begin and what to look for. We’re going to list a few of the best brands on the market in a moment, but before that, note that the “best” brand for you is the one with a cooker that most closely fits your needs. Use the list below for inspiration only.

Some of the top brands offering standard cookers include:

These brands are a good starting point when searching for your next cooker, but always remember to make a note of the features you want your cooker to have, and compare them to the features of any cooker you’re considering purchasing.

What Are Induction Cookers?

Induction cookers use magnetic induction to cook food. They cook faster and more efficiently than other types of cookers but perhaps their biggest selling point is how safe they are. Unlike all other methods of cooking food, induction cooking heats the food only – the cooking element and any equipment merely gets warm.

Range Cooker EventHow Do I Look After My Cooker?

Over time, dirt and grime can accumulate and cause a number of problems with your cooker, ranging from unwanted smells to issues with performance. We will discuss below what to use to keep your cooker clean, however first we’ll discuss how to clean and maintain your cooker.

How often should you clean your cooker?

We recommend cleaning your cooker thoroughly at least once a month. This may sounds like a gruelling task but if it is done regularly it shouldn’t take you long at all. However, if you avoid this task and the grime accumulates, you may find yourself spending an entire day achieving that ‘new cooker’ sheen again.

Begin cleaning your cooker by pulling all of the shelves and trays out and cleaning these in your sink. Then scrub the inside of your cooker from top to bottom, ensuring that it has been unused for at least 6 hours first. Take care cleaning the bottom of your cooker as fat and oil can accumulate here.

If you’re using harsh chemicals to clean your cooker, make sure to always wear gloves and goggles.

What Can I Use To Clean My Cooker?

Now you know where to pay the most attention when cleaning your cooker, let’s look at how to clean it. If you clean your cooker regularly as we recommended above, then you will be able to use soapy water (washing-up liquid + water) as an effective cleaner.

You’ll also need a scourer-sponge, to remove any small amounts of dirt and grime that have accumulated over the top, sides, and back of your appliance.

Use the same technique inside your cooker, but not on the bottom of it (or on the tray if your model has one). Remove any oils and fats that have solidified on the bottom of the cooker using a scraper (run this lightly over the spots that need removing to avoid damage to the unit).

Once you have lifted any stubborn spots you can rinse this away and use the soapy water to remove the rest of the grime.

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What Are the Different Types of Standard Cooker?

“Standard cookers”, despite the name, come in a number of different varieties. We describe each of the main styles of cooker in detail in our Types of Cookers article, but here is a brief introduction to what they are:

Natural Gas

A natural gas cooker is exactly what it says it is. It uses gas alongside an ignition spark to generate the flame that it uses to cook food. It’s common to find these models with a gas hob included on top, which functions in the same way.

Dual Fuel

Dual fuel cookers feature both electric and gas functions. This style generally comprises an electric oven and a gas hob.

Electric Ceramic

An electric ceramic cooker will feature an electric oven and a ceramic hob.

Electric Induction

An electric induction cooker typically pairs an electric oven with an induction hob. This style is well suited for contemporary kitchens, and for those that want to avoid using gas (or can’t use gas).

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If you need help determining which style of cooker is best for you then read our Buying Guide to Cookers for more information.

Although the list of FAQS above isn’t by any means exhaustive, it’s definitely a good starting point to understanding the different types of cookers that are available to you, and how to keep your appliance in the best possible condition.

If you have any other questions regarding any models that you see in our range then please contact us for more information.

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