How to Clean Range Cookers

One of the great benefits of owning a range cooker is their sheer size and the number of compartments, zones and sections that they have. This makes it much easier to cook multiple dishes at once and also allows you to store more within the cooker itself.

Of course for all the benefits, that oven space needs to be cleaned, but how can you clean a range cooker properly to make sure that it still looks great, and performs to its full capacity?

How Do You Clean a Range Cooker Hob?

Since range cookers have many different zones, we thought we’d talk you through cleaning the different areas, starting with the hob:

  • The key to keeping a hob clean is to wipe up spillages as soon as possible – providing the hob’s cooled – before they can stick to the surface.
  • In most cases hot, soapy water will suffice. Using a regular cleaning cloth or sponge to wipe the soapy water into the surface will deal with most spillages and stains.
  • For stubborn stains that require a bit more attention, a cream cleaner can be used.
  • Make sure not to use abrasive materials or scouring cloths as they can damage the surface of your hob. If there are any stubborn bits of food that won’t wipe away, use a plastic spatula to force them loose.
  • Once you’ve wiped the cooker, use a kitchen towel or roll to soak up any remaining water.
  • If you have a ceramic hob you can use a dedicated ceramic cleaner to ensure you get the best results.

How to Clean the Oven

How Do You Clean Your Oven Shelves?

First off we’ll start with the easy bit – the shelves.

Have a dishwasher? Use that – nice and easy! If you don’t have a dishwasher, you’ll have to wash them by hand; however some hot, soapy water should do the trick. If you can, let the shelves soak a little bit to help lift off any grease, then simply wipe the shelves down and dry them off. When you’ve finished cleaning the rest of the oven, place the shelves back inside it.

How Do You Clean Your Oven Walls?

Steaming your oven makes it much easier to clean.

  1. Add some lemon juice or washing up liquid to some cold water (about 150ml), and turn the oven to 100 degrees.
  2. Place the water inside and leave for about 15-20 minutes.
  3. The water will steam and start to loosen any dirt or grease.
  4. Let the oven cool, and then wipe the walls with a cleaning cloth.

How Do You Clean Your Oven Floor?

If your oven floor is made from enamel, you can use a dedicated enamel cleaner to clean it. If you’re unsure what your oven floor is made from, check your manual or Google your cooker’s make and model. Failing that, contact the manufacturer.

Cover the burner and oven elements to ensure no enamel cleaner gets onto them. Also make sure that when you’re wiping inside the oven that you don’t move or damage the seals. This can affect the oven’s ability to retain heat and will severely damage its performance.

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How Do You Clean a Glass Oven Door?

If your door has no glass, then once again hot soapy water will do the trick. If your oven door is made from enamel, use the enamel cleaner that you can use for the floor to clean the door. Once again, be careful not to displace or damage any seals around the door.

Cleaning oven glass is arguably very important from an aesthetics point-of-view. The glass allows you to look through to the rest of the oven so even if the inside of the oven is spotless but the glass is dirty, the entire oven will look like it needs a clean.

If, like most ovens, the door features a glass window, you can begin cleaning using hot soapy water and a soft cloth. If you need to, a cream cleaner or soft scourer will help remove any stubborn stains. If you have steam cleaned the oven in advance, any stuck on grease or oil should have loosened. This will make cleaning the door much easier.

There are many recommended methods for cleaning a glass oven door, but hot soapy water or cream cleaner and a bit of elbow grease should clean it well enough for you to be happy with the results.

How Do You Clean the External Surface of Your Oven?

Cleaning the surface of your oven should be easy. As you don’t cook on this part of the oven the only reason to clean it will be to get rid of day-to-day dust that gathers in your home or any spillages that might occur from time-to-time.

A damp cloth should be enough to wipe any marks or dirt off the surface off your cleaner, and if you want to dust it a regular dust cloth should suffice. If your surfaces are stainless steel, you might want to use a stainless steel cleaner; however, a damp cloth should be fine for non-cooking surfaces.

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