Washing Machine Programs

What are washing machine cycles?

These days washing machines do more than just wash your clothes, these appliances along with their sophisticated technologies are designed to give the ultimate care for your laundry no matter what the washload. But are you getting the most from your washing machine?

Here are a few wash cycles that could really help you with the laundry:

Quick Wash:

This cycle does exactly what it says on the tin. If you’re in a hurry this cycle is great for getting the clothes you need washed quickly and efficiently. Pit’s perfect for lightly soiled garments and with some machines you can have your clothes washed in as little as 12 minutes.

Heavy Duty/ Intensive/Outdoor:

For those active weekends, longs days in the garden and heavier items such as towels and denim, the heavy duty cycle is an ideal choice. This type of wash program is designed to combat stain removal and typically lasts longer than your standard wash, many washing machines with this cycle run on a hotter temperature too making for a more thorough clean.

Tender Love & Care:

Delicate fabrics such as wool, silk, lace or items with embellishments need a little extra TLC and many washing machines come with a specialist delicate cycle, ideal for ‘sensitive’ wash loads. A delicate wash program is often a cooler and shorter cycle with slower tumbling and spinning to ensure the best care for your laundry.

  • A handy tip: It’s best to only half-fill the washing machine when washing delicate laundry, this will prevent any fibres coming tangled.

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My clothes aren’t exactly dirty

Some brands and models offer a ‘refresh’ cycle which uses steam to refresh your clothes in around 20 minutes.

So, if you’ve got a shirt that isn’t quite dirty but could do with a spruce up or perhaps a dress that needs freshening up before a night out, this handy cycle is for you.

As these cycles only use steam it also helps to iron out any creases – bonus!

Did you know?

Some washing machines will stop mid-cycle so you can add a garment, handy for that dropped sock on the stairs!

Help Me Appliance City: I’ve got a smelly washing machine! Why does my washing machine smell so much?

Fear not, here are some handy tips for keeping your washing machine smelling as fresh as a daisy.

1) Space to breathe: If possible keep the washing machine door open slightly when not in use. Of course, this option is not ideal when little ones are around but it does give the drum and the rubber seal time to breathe and fully dry which is often the cause of any odour.

2) A household staple: It’s time to reach for the vinegar! Run a hot cycle, around 60 c should do it and add a cup of white vinegar to the drum – Minus clothes of course! Vinegar is a natural odour buster and will help sanitise the inside of your machine.

3) Less is more: Try to only use as much detergent as necessary to prevent any excess build up in the machine.

4) Don’t forget the drawer! After many washes it’s perfectly normal to see a build up of liquid detergent, powder and grime appear in the drawer. For a happier machine, be sure to sure to clean it out regularly – a simple scrub with hot water and washing up liquid will do the trick.

5) Specialist cycles: Some machines offer a dedicated drum clean or drawer clean cycle which keeps your machine spick, span and hygienic.

A pair of dirty socks
  • Top tip: Let’s not shy away here.. we are talking body odour. Fear not, you can get your sportswear smelling fine again with this great tip:ng machine when washing delicate laundry, this will prevent any fibres coming tangled. Mix equal parts water and lemon juice, rub it into the smelly bits and hang the garment in the sun for several hours. Simple!