How to Clean your Flat Screen TV

how to clean a tv screen

TVs are wonderful appliances that can transport you to different worlds. But they’re also a magnet for fingerprints, dust and streaks. Cleaning a TV may seem like a tricky task, but its easy once you’ve got the hang of it.

TV screens are delicate things, made from thin sheets of glass and lots of tiny bits of technology. Using the wrong cleaning liquid, or using the wrong cleaning cloth can cause a multitude of problems. Your television could get a permanent scratch or even break.

You probably don’t even touch your TV screen, yet, there’s a whole lot of streaks and marks that interrupts you watching your favourite Netflix show. If you want crystal clear viewing, follow our easy guide on how to clean your TV screen:

  • Turn off and unplug your TV.
  • To start, use a dry microfiber cloth to clean away any streaks, dust or fingerprints.
  • For tougher marks and stains, slightly dampen your microfiber with water and clean the screen in gentle circular motions.
  • Remove any moisture residue with a fresh microfiber cloth.

TV Cleaning Dos & Don’ts


Do use your free hand to steady the screen. Newer Smart TVs are incredibly thin, especially OLED ones. Not supporting the screen could make it fall.

Do unplug any HDMI or USB connected cables and give them a clean too. You could any of the following methods: carefully remove any dust with a dry cloth, use your vacuum cleaner on the lowest setting above the port, or use a can of compressed air to give it a deeper clean.

Do give the wires a wipe. Using a cloth, just wipe all the way down the wires connected to your TV. You don’t have to do this often, but it will help prevent dust getting into places it shouldn’t.


Don’t use kitchen towel, or any sort of abrasive cleaning cloth to wipe your TV. You could scratch the screen.

Don’t spray anything directly onto the TV, especially with any harsh chemical cleaners. Window cleaner or anti-bacterial spray will certainly harm your television.

Don’t forget the remote control. Your remote control might be the most used thing in the living room, and can accumulate a whole lot of bacteria. To start, remove the batteries. Then wipe it down with a cloth and rubbing alcohol. Finally, use a cotton bud dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean in between the buttons.

Brand Recommended TV Cleaning Methods

Any water on the TV should be avoided as this could cause a shortcircuit in the components. Be very careful when wiping down your TV, excessive pressure could cause damage which is expensive to repair.  

  1. Find a soft, lint-free cloth. You could use a cloth that is provided with your tablet, phone or computer.
  2. Unplug the power cord.
  3. Wipe the screen using gentle, circular motions.

See LG’s website here for more.

Samsung recommend using a microfiber cloth. They also say to not use any chemical based cleansers such as alcohol, or abrasive cloths such as abrasive pads.

  1. Unplug or turn off your TV.
  2. Wipe down the TV using your cloth to remove any smudges or fingerprints.
  3. Clean the body (or bezels) of your Samsung TV using a dampened microfiber cloth. Make sure to not apply too much pressure.
  4. Remove all moisture on the exterior of the TV.

See Samsung’s website here for more.

It’s critical that you use the right cleaning supplies to clean your TV. Applying the wrong liquid, or applying too much force when cleaning could cause some serious damage to it. And with TVs being such an integral part of our life, its best to stay on the safe side.

If you’re under a warranty, try (if it doesn’t bore you to death) and read the manufacturers manual so you make sure you don’t void the warranty with certain cleaning methods.