Frequently Asked Questions: Samsung Soundbars

Soundbar beneath smart TV

Flatscreen televisions have completely changed the home viewing experience. As well as bringing their own sleek, aesthetic appeal to our homes, they’ve opened the door to crystal sharp images and bright, beautiful colours. An all-around incredible viewing experience.

But as they’ve gotten thinner as well, something has had to be sacrificed. In many cases, this is in the audio. This has opened up the market for soundbars.

With a Samsung soundbar, you can match breathtaking visuals with an immersive audio experience. You can get a room-filling, surround sound experience that is so clear you’ll never miss any mumbled dialogue or distant notes again.

These benefits make the decision to buy a soundbar an obvious one. Knowing which one is right for you, however, which one will have the features you want or how hard it is to harness them all, is more complicated.

This FAQ covers some of the most common questions people ask about Samsung soundbars, to help you decide whether this brand of soundbar is right for you.

What is the best soundbar for my Samsung TV?

Where ever possible, we recommend having a matching Samsung soundbar to go with your Samsung TV

Partly, this is because of the high-quality and extensive features available on  Samsung soundbars. They are a great choice to pair your TV with, whichever brand it’s manufactured by. 

Of course, soundbars by other brands will also offer incredible sound, are packed with features and hold a lot of general appeal.

Still, we will always recommend pairing the same brand of TV and soundbar together. After all, these two items will have been designed specifically with the other in mind. 

This means that using them together ensures maximum compatibility across their many features. As well as the quality level being increased, you will also be able to set them up to use voice control across both devices, as well as get the most out of the apps you use.

It also means that the process of connecting the two devices will be a lot easier. The steps will be similar, and they will automatically know how to talk to each other. 

How do you set up a Samsung soundbar?

The fact is that many variables will affect the process of setting up your Samsung soundbar. It will depend on what method you chose to connect with – wireless or eARC HDMI for example. It will also depend on what model soundbar you have, or even the manufacturer of your TV.

To get the best quality audio, and the simplest set-up process we always recommended reading through the steps in the user manual of your TV and soundbar. If you can’t find the paperwork, they are usually available online too.

We promise this will make the process quicker because you will know the correct steps from the start and won’t waste your time on anything that won’t work. 

Samsung SmartThings app on a mobile phone

How do you add a Samsung soundbar to Smartthings?

As we mentioned above, one of the great benefits of having multiple Samsung appliances is their cross-compatibility. This means that you can control them all from one place, using the Samsung Smart Things App.

This app is free to download on the Apple App and Google Play stores and takes up barely any space on your phone. But with it, you can control an entire world of Samsung smart appliances, from your TV to your washing machine, to your fridge freezer.

Setting up your soundbar with the Smart Things App is extra easy too. Just switch on the Bluetooth connection of your soundbar and your phone, make it discoverable and follow the onscreen instructions. 

The whole process only takes minutes, and after that, you’ll be able to control the volume of your soundbar throughout your home, even if you’re in another room.

How to reset Samsung soundbar?

Even with the highest-quality technology, occasionally things go wrong. Connections are lost, quality dims, devices become undiscoverable.

Most of the time these are momentary glitches, fixed with one simple action: turning your device off and on again.

The sleek appearance of a Samsung soundbar might make this task appear difficult but it isn’t. Resetting your Samsung soundbar takes barely a moment and fixes almost every minor issue without any stress.

  1. First, simply turn off your soundbar using your usual method. This could be via voice control or, if this isn’t being recognised, use the power button located on the soundbar itself.
  2. Leave it off a few minutes before switching it back on.
  3. If this doesn’t work you can also try a ‘hard reset’. This will take slightly longer and will lose any specific settings you have set up. Luckily, the set-up process is so easy it will only a few minutes to get things back as they were.

The exact way to do a hard reset will differ across Samsung soundbar models. We recommend checking your user manual to get the specific details and ensure you do it right the first time.

What does D In mean on my Samsung soundbar?

A lot of people seem to be confused by what ‘D. In’ stands for on the back of their Samsung soundbar.

D. In stands for ‘Digital In’. This is where you can plug in an optical cable to connect your soundbar to your TV (or other devices) to create a digital optical connection. This is one of the most universal wired connection types across soundbars and TV though it does not deliver the same incredible audio quality as an ARC HDMI or eARC HDMI will.

For more information about the different ways to connect your soundbar to your TV, you can check out our soundbar connection guide.

Can you connect 2 Samsung soundbars together?

It is possible to use a wireless connection to link two separate Samsung soundbars together. This could be particularly useful if you want to set a second soundbar up in a different room.

As this is not how they were designed to work, however, this is not a particularly simple process. You should refer specifically to your soundbar user manual to confirm if it is even possible before you purchase a second bar.

How do I mount my Samsung soundbar to TV?

Mounting your soundbar is a straightforward process. If you buy your soundbar from us, the bracket will be included along with standard fittings to install it.

Soundbars are designed to be slim, sleek and lightweight. They pack a lot of power in a relatively small space. This means they are a lot easier to mount than a cumbersome television.

The exact instructions on how to mount Samsung soundbar to TV will depend on the model of the soundbar, so you should check your user manual. But before you start, it is always worth checking the following:

  • That the strength of the wall you are mounting it on is sufficient
  • You have the correct fixings and screws for the wall you are using (dry wall or plasterboard will need a specific fixing, while brickwork will need a different type again)
  • If you are using a cable connection method then this needs to be set-up already
  • The soundbar is switched off

Can Samsung soundbar be mounted above TV?

The wall mount included with your soundbar is a completely separate bracket, which means you can mount it anywhere you wish on your wall. This includes above the TV, if the space below it is limited.

However, the position you mount your soundbar in can affect the quality of the audio or the surround-sound impact.

Mounting a soundbar with upfiring speakers above the TV could improve the immersive experience of your soundbar. These speakers project sound upwards, to bounce off the ceiling, and the closer they are to the ceiling, the better those particular speakers will perform.

These speakers only contribute to part of your soundbar’s performance though. If you place your soundbar above ear level, the quality of audio that comes from the other speakers could be compromised.