A Guide To Your Compact Appliances

Compact appliances are the newest craze sweeping kitchens across the country, and it’s no surprise when you see the appliances on offer. There are a huge range of products available across an equally huge range of appliances, so it can be difficult to know what appliances are suited for your home and what the benefits are.

Firstly, let’s introduce compact appliances. These include the smaller appliances that are found within homes with small to moderate available space as well as some of the most commonly found household appliances. These include popular appliances such taps, vacuum cleaners, microwaves and more. It’s very common to find compact appliances in small spaces such as worktops and between existing cabinets; but we will look at this in a bit more detail further down.

So, with that in mind, let us look at the compact appliances available to you.

What’s the Best Coffee Machine?

You probably know someone who owns their own coffee machine; they’ve become hugely popular over recent years amongst coffee connoisseurs and for good reason! Offering the opportunity to brew delicious coffee in the comfort of your own home in a variety of styles has made this appliance one of the most popular for both domestic and commercial use, also suiting office life and commercial uses.

Although the freestanding version is the most common, the built-in coffee machine is becoming an attractive option for those working with small spaces. This option is often found within existing housing units or on-counter cabinet space.

The coffee machine isn’t just for those with small available space; so, whether you have a lot of free space, or only a little, the coffee machine is a great compact appliance for you.

Are Compact Ovens Good?

The compact oven is a great alternative to a standard oven for those with smaller available space within their home or premises. The compact oven functions as a standard oven but can be built into existing kitchen cabinets, which means that it doesn’t take up floor space, and is often at a more convenient height for use.

This style is the common model for those seeking a sleek, modern design for their kitchen, keeping as much floor space available as possible and building into housing units and wall spaces. It’s important to note that not all models are available to be built in to both wall and housing units, so it’s recommended that you check before mounting.

How Good are Microwaves?

There’s no doubt that you’re familiar with this compact appliance. The microwave is one of the most popular compact appliances on this list, and if you’ve ever owned one then you’ll understand why. There are three common styles of microwave: freestanding, built-in to your wall unit, and built-in to your tall housing units (i.e. a microwave for cabinet integration).

Deciding which microwave is best for you is dependent on how much space you have. If you have ample counter space then you can opt for a freestanding model, however if you don’t have counter space but do have a housing unit or space for the built-in wall model then the integrated style is best.

As this appliance is so popular, there are many brands offering their own styles, so it could take you a while to find your perfect model. However, once you’ve decided which microwave brand is best for you and which style suits your available space, then you can focus on the smaller details such as power, warranty etc.

What’s the Best Steam Oven?

This may be an appliance that you are yet to use. A steam oven is one of the lesser found compact appliances, but that’s certainly changing! This appliance is exactly what it sounds like, it’s an oven that uses steam to cook your food. The food types that can be cooked within a steam oven include fish, vegetables, and even certain desserts; so, there are plenty of occasions for this appliance to come in handy.

Now, what are steam ovens good for? Well, they’re excellent at retaining the colour and taste of your food, so your guests or customers are almost guaranteed a delicious meal. This appliance is also useful for cooking multiple dishes together, as flavours are less likely to transfer between dishes when using a steam oven.

What Are the Best Options for Taps?

We all know what taps are, so this appliance doesn’t need much introduction. Instead, let’s look at the different options you have when looking for your new taps.

  • Standard Tap: This is the style that your most likely to have in your home. These can come in a truly huge number of designs so it may take a while to find your favourite. Make sure to check the warranty that comes with your model of choice.
  • Steaming Water Taps: This style is popular in commercial properties such as restaurants and offices, however they also have their place within your home. This style can produce boiling water within a short period of time, perfect for making that cup of coffee.

Not all kitchen taps are available in a standard size so make sure to check that your model fits before attempting to install. Consider what you want your tap to do, which style suits your kitchen, and what design you are looking for when determining which kitchen taps are the best choice for you.

What are Warming Drawers?

If you’re not familiar with this appliance then let’s look at what warming drawers are used for. This appliance is great for keeping food items warm and can even be used for your bowls and plates to keep them at the perfect temperature whilst preparing your meal! This is a very simple appliance to use and a great addition for those cooking for many people as it allows you to keep all elements of the meal at the same temperature.

This appliance can be a great addition to a kitchen of any size and pairs up extremely well with a steam or conventional oven. A warming drawer can achieve a temperature of up to 80°C and can be positioned below or next to your oven to create an efficient cooking area. Warming drawers are certainly worth the purchase if you have a small oven, or tend to cook for many people at one time.

Are Waste Disposal Units Good?

Another compact appliance that’s making its way into many of our kitchens is the waste disposal unit. The waste disposal unit is for your sink unit and is a great way to dispose of food pieces after meals. Different models offer different motor power, so it’s important to understand how much power you will need when deciding which waste disposal unit suits your needs the best.

This is a great option for those in apartments that want to reduce their trips downstairs with bags of waste, and for those with less available floor space that don’t want to crowd their room with a large bin.

So, the recurring pattern here is that compact appliances are great for apartments, or rooms without much available space. Being able to be built into a housing unit will save you huge amounts of space, and can also help your kitchen look stylish and great! If you’re a restaurant, café, or even a work office, then you can rest assured knowing that compact appliances are very practical for small spaces and can save you a lot of hassle.